What Keeps Me Motivated
August 5th, 2022

When the world is burning and there is chaos around you, it can sometimes be scary (who am I kidding, it is always scary). What does one do to remain sane, to remain sane after taking loss after loss? It may seem overwhelming but there are ways to survive and save your sanity.

The crypto space is first and foremost a great technological advancement. The potential of blockchain technology cannot be overestimated. However, the monetary part and price action of cryptocurrencies often blinds us to amazing protocols and tech being developed, especially in the bear market when we see red everywhere every day.

I keep my eye the ball by exploring emerging protocols and tech. I do this by immersing myself fully into web3; surrounding myself with positive vibing folks, taking part in bounties, learn and earn campaigns and testnets.

It is very important to have a support group. We humans tend to lose focus when we are alone and it pays of to link up with like minded people. Discord, twitter and new web3 social platform (lens, gm.xyz etc) provide great support for me

Bounties are an exciting way to get involved in new protocols and services in the crypto space. They also provide a great way to get free NFTs. Some of the dapps I use to get into these bounties are;

 Layer3 – beta.layer3.xyz

 Quest3 – quest3.xyz

 Zapper – zapper.fi

 Rabbithole – rabbithole.gg


Learn and earn campaigns is exactly what it says it is, you earn crypto and/or NFTs for learning about a new or existing protocol (I wish I had this back in High school). Dapps in this category I use include;


Rabbithole – rabbithole.gg – repeated on purpose (amazing platform to learn and acquire new skills. Ethereum gas fees may hinder completion of tasks on Ethereum mainnet)

Binance – binance.com (they conduct learn and campaigns occasionally)


Testnets are the best way to tryout new protocols and take part in shaping the service by reporting bugs. I get alpha (information on testnest) by following tech industry leaders on twitter. Here, you may have to do your own research. A few I follow are;


There you go, my survival kit for the bear market.

I almost forgot; be mindful of which influencer you follow on twitter (very important). Some will lead you astray if you listen to them. Follow tech industry leaders and those who know what they talking about.

Remember blockchain crypto technology is not about charts or gains or price action. These are technologies developed for improving lives and inclusion. Stay safe out there.



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