Comment widget for Mirror content creators - a free tool to engage with your readers


Mirror writers can now insert a free widget into their articles to collect comments, likes, and tips with no gas fee, and it only takes 30 seconds to set up:

  1. On your Mirror article edit page, click the gear icon at top right corner and copy the Permalink.

  2. Visit and click “GET MY WIDGET”, paste the Permalink and customize the widget setting.

  3. Click “Generate”, copy the code and paste into in your article, then publish.

Alternative: You can download our Chrome extension to generate and insert widget code in one click and no need to leave your draft page.

A Step-by-step Guidance

1. Copy the Permalink.

Click the gear icon to view and copy your Permalink
Click the gear icon to view and copy your Permalink

2. Visit or download our Chrome extension to generate widget code.

Widget Setup Interface on
Widget Setup Interface on
Widget Setup Chrome Extension
Widget Setup Chrome Extension

3. Paste the code into your article.

Code as Shown in Draft Mode
Code as Shown in Draft Mode

4. Publish and ta-da. This is the magic.

Don't forget to integrate your .bit or .eth and show avatar here.
Don't forget to integrate your .bit or .eth and show avatar here.

Why comment in place?

Web3 content creators need a user-friendly medium to interact with their audiences. That’s why we create this non-profit tool for you. Besides creating and sharing your articles in Twitter, Discord, or other Web2 centralized social platform, readers have the instant demand to express their opinions at where the content is created. And a comment, a tip, or even a like, might be the start of a new friendship or business corporation.

On top of that, our opinion is our intellectual asset. Neither you nor your readers need to worry about losing the data anymore, since all comments are permanently stored on Arweave (the best affordable decentralized storage solution). And there is no cost of users to login with their crypto wallet to leave comments a.k.a. 0 gas fee.

Who are we?

ECHO is the first decentralized social engagement protocol based on Arweave. Our goal is to provide the fundamental infrastructure of Web3 social by introducing the first comment widget that can be deployed on any Web3 website with permanent data storage, so that users can speak up for themselves in a decentralized, permissionless, and censorship-resistant environment. It is our conviction that every person deserves to be heard, and we strive to create the right tool to make that happen. “Long live our opinion”, as our slogan goes.

More importantly, as we are providing a multi-chain, multi-platform, and multi-disciplinary solution, ECHO will energize the social mobility in an aggregated manner to address the current social segregation issue in Web3. And our protocol-based data structure of social activities both on-chain and off-chain will be the cornerstone of the future Web3 social paradigm.

We are a team of three Web3 digital nomads. If you like what we are doing and want to give more suggestions, definitely reach out to us. We are developing more products for content creators on top of this widget, so please stay tuned. Let’s boost social engagements in Web3 together!

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