Announce SyncSwap Testnet Badge Campaign

We are excited to announce the SyncSwap Testnet Badge Campaign is available on Project Galaxy.

We are giving away the exclusive badge to steady lads participating in the SyncSwap Tunguska Testnet in this one-month campaign.

Campaign Details

You will be able to claim the badge after finishing the 3 tasks during the campaign period from 23, July 00:00 to 22, Aug 00:00 UTC:

Guide for beginners

New to SyncSwap? Don’t worry. We have a guide for you.

1. Try the Testnet

  • Now you can open our testnet and connect your wallet by clicking the button at the right top corner. Metamask is recommended.

  • You can swap tokens on the Trade tab, and provide liquidity on the Pool tab.

Connect your wallet
Connect your wallet
  • We also have a faucet that allows you to claim additional test tokens. It’s optional and requires gas.
  • Click the New Position button to start providing liquidity.
The Pool tab
The Pool tab
  • Select your desired tokens and amounts. Approve them and confirm. Your transaction should get confirmed in seconds.
Add Liquidity
Add Liquidity

Well done. You can also explore other features on your own! Feel free to #feedback on our Discord if you encounter any issues or have suggestions.

2. Retweet and Comment your wallet

Retweet, Like, and Comment your wallet
Retweet, Like, and Comment your wallet

3. Join Discord

  • Join our Discord community use this invitation link:
  • Jump to the #rules channel. React to the message to become a member, and Join our Guild by connecting your wallet.
The rules channel
The rules channel
  • After claiming the badge, you will receive an extra Testnet Badge Holder role on Discord.

4. Claim your Badge

  • Open the campaign page. You will be eligible after finishing all tasks.
  • Claim your badge once eligible. It’s completely free. Note it can take up to a few days to sync the snapshot. Please be patient.
Eligible turns to green.
Eligible turns to green.


  • I have finished the tasks but am unable to claim my badge.

    There are delays on the snapshot. It can take up to a few days. You can check it later, please be patient.

  • I have encountered issues during the testing.

    Feel free to #feedback on our Discord if you encounter any issues or have suggestions.

  • What does the badge for?

    Galaxy OAT (On-chain Achievement Token) is a digital badge standard to record your on-chain and off-chain life experiences. The testnet badge is considered a record for early participants and supporters of SyncSwap.

  • I can’t join the Guild. The link shows 404 / errors.

    Please try to request a new link if you can’t open the link. You have to switch to the Ethereum mainnet when joining the guild.

  • What is the duration of the campaign? Can I claim after the campaign end?

    The campaign will last for one month, from 23 July to 22 Aug. Note that you will NOT be able to claim anymore after the end date.

    The event may end early under exceptional circumstances, for example, a network re-genesis.

  • Can I trade the badge?

    The badge is in the ERC721 standard. It’s possible to trade them on OpenSea or other NFT markets, but we do not encourage that.

  • Why can’t I get the Testnet Badge Holder role?

    You can get the Testnet Badge Holder role after claiming your OAT. Please check it on the #rules channel. Note that the bot may have delays, usually in a few hours.

  • I can’t claim from the faucet.

    The faucet at the zkSync portal is running by the zkSync official, you can use the alternative ETH faucets for the Goerli testnet if it does not work.

    Note that you must bridge them from the Goerli testnet to the zkSync 2.0 testnet on the bridge.

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