SyncSwap Distro - Our Mission
September 6th, 2022

Welcome to SyncSwap Distro! In this series of educative releases, we will be covering the fundamentals of SyncSwap in depth.

This Distro will discuss our mission, vision, and the reason why we build SyncSwap.

Fundamental for Products

Decentralized exchanges are considered a critical infrastructure on every public blockchain nowadays, and zkSync 2.0 needs a DEX as well. But rather than another similar or forking project, we want something new and impactful.

There are two fundaments for a product to achieve that.

  1. Technology innovation behind it

  2. Evolution of product and UX

Both of them are critical for a product to succeed. Nobody will be able to use a product without user interfaces, and a product will be useless if there is no technology behind it.

On zkSync - the future frontier of Ethereum, we already see groundbreaking technology. The Zero Knowledge tech is happening here. Thanks to that innovation, we would natively feature fast, low-cost, and complete Ethereum security transactions.

While we disagree that there is no space for technology innovation for on-chain trading and exchanges, it’s not easy to make another groundbreaking one like the AMM.

The Shift

Today, most of the innovations in AMM exchanges are towards improving capital efficiency. And we don’t want to stick there. The second way has more potential and opportunities.

We believe we should focus on the product evolution and provide more accessible UX if we want to achieve mass adoption.

Our Mission

That’s why SyncSwap is a community-driven and user-centric project.

We build SyncSwap with user-friendly in mind. And our mission is to bring easy-to-use DeFi and the benefits of scaled Ethereum to more people and help the mass adoption of ZK tech, Ethereum, and Web3.

Future Vision

The vision for SyncSwap would be to build a one-stop-shop DeFi hub that is totally seamless and easy to use with innovative features. Bring user-friendly and accessible DeFi products to more people that even never heard about Ethereum - on the scaled Ethereum.

About SyncSwap

SyncSwap is a seamless decentralized exchange (DEX) on the zkSync 2.0 by MatterLabs. SyncSwap brings easy-to-use and low-cost DeFi to everyone with complete Ethereum security powered by zero-knowledge technology.

Join the Journey

SyncSwap is a community-driven project, and the community's voice means a lot. Join our vibrant and rapidly growing community today to explore the zkVerse and shape the future of SyncSwap together.

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