SyncSwap Era Testnet is now live

The wait is over. We are excited to announce that the SyncSwap Era ∎ Testnet is now live on the zkSync Era testnet.

First, we would like to say a huge thank you 🤗💗 to the community for the tremendous support and patience in allowing us to complete a milestone upgrade to SyncSwap.

Over the past few months, the team has explored paths beyond to make SyncSwap more competitive and future-proof. Today, we have finally ready to enter a new era.

✨ The Future-Proofing Evolution

SyncSwap now features powerful multi-pool technology, opening up a whole new future of Seamless and Efficient Trading on zkSync Era ∎.

The multi-pool allows SyncSwap to aggregate multiple different pool models, each with its own optimal scenarios, making trading highly efficient. The first pool model to land will be the Stable Pool supports efficient stablecoin trading compared with the general-purpose Classic Pool, making SyncSwap enter the massive stablecoin markets.

As a member of the forefront of the crypto world, we made future-proofing one of our core ideas when building SyncSwap. Multi-pool is a next-generation design towards the future. Unlike designs that are conservative to change, multi-pool is infinitely scalable and will become more powerful as the model expands over time.

🚀Join the testnet

You can now try our demo on the zkSync Era testnet.

Make sure you have enough testnet ETH for gas! You can claim some from the Goerli ETH faucet and bridge them to zkSync Era testnet with the zkSync Portal.

Don’t hesitate to join our Discord community for live support and feedback!

📦 What’s new?

Beyond the surface, the entire core architecture of SyncSwap has been overhauled to make the system more scalable and composable. And many new features have been introduced to make SyncSwap more powerful.

Besides, the team has made comprehensive UI upgrades to optimize the UX further. With the revolutionary innovation from zkSync, SyncSwap will have the opportunity to deliver an unparalleled trading experience.

An Aligned Mission

SyncSwap now aligns with the mission of zkSync to accelerate the mass adoption of crypto and Ethereum.


As the core design of SyncSwap, the future-proofing multi-pool is able to integrate various pool models, enabling infinite opportunities for efficient trading.

Pool Wizard

Don't worry about the expansion of pool models will lead to hassle. We now have a cool wizard to help you choose the best pool easily.


The vault replaced the old ways of storing funds by building a permissions-less vault for unified escrow of funds. The vault allows token transfers with lower gas costs without transfer taxes and supports flash loans to bring additional revenue streams for the protocol.

Smart Router

The upgraded Smart Router can now search for the best path among different pool models and supports multi hops and route splitting, saving users the hassle of getting the best price and enabling more efficient tradings.


You can now either deposit or withdraw only a single token from the liquidity pools. There is no more the hassle of combining tokens manually.


The dashboard now displays more detailed data, making tracking the portfolio and history easier.


For tokens that support EIP-2612, approvals can now be done via a permit signature with no gas costs at all.


We have built a new generation of WETH for zkSync Era that allows gasless approval via signatures with Account Abstraction (AA) support.

🌌 And this is just another new beginning on our journey! Stay tuned for more exciting features and news 💸 on the way!

About SyncSwap

SyncSwap is a seamless and efficient decentralized exchange (DEX) on the zkSync Era by MatterLabs. Powered by zero-knowledge technology, SyncSwap brings more people easy-to-use and low-cost DeFi with complete Ethereum security.

Join the Journey

SyncSwap is a strong community-driven project, and the community's voice means a lot. Join our vibrant and rapidly growing community today to explore the zkVerse and shape the future of SyncSwap together.

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