Guide for Gitcoin Grants Round 15
September 9th, 2022


Gitcoin is a community where public goods developers can earn funding in Web3 while creating open-source, decentralized applications.

Gitcoin Round 15

Gitcoin Grants Round 15 (GR15) - the biggest public-goods funding event in Web3 is kicking off from September 7 to September 22. You can donate to different projects on the Gitcoin website.

Over $2.8 million in total matching funds have already been committed across the Main Round, four Cause Rounds & 13 Ecosystem Rounds.

Getting Started

1 - Create an Account and Sign In

If you have never donated and don't have a Github account, please visit to create one.

Go to and sign in with your Github account.

2 - Maximize Your Trust Bonus

Before we start donating, you should maximize your trust bonus. You can complete several verifications to increase your trust bonus up to 150%.

What is Trust Bonus?

In Grants Rounds (GRs), your donation can match extra funds from the Matching Pool. The amount your donation matches will depend on your trust bonus.

For example, if a $1 contribution can match an extra $200 from the pool, the project will receive $201 in total from your $1 contribution!

You can do the verification on Gitcoin Passport and submit the results on your Gitcoin Profile.

Verification methods
Verification methods

3 - Start Contribute

Well done! Now you can start to contribute to your favorite projects. Explore them on

Let's have an example.

Once you find a grant you are interested in, you can click the Add to Cart button on the right side of the page to add the grant to your cart.

And you can enter the checkout by the cart button at the right top corner of the website.

You can choose your desired amount and currency to contribute in the Amount/Currency section.

Your Total Contribution is an estimation of how much the project will receive from your contribution.

You only need to pay the Matching Pool Contribution + Grant Contributions.

Therefore, you can choose the network to check out. We recommend zkSync (1.0) or Polygon for lower gas costs.

And you should be successful in contributing!



When will the GR15 end?

GR15 will end on September 22.

I got the transaction underpriced error.

It’s usually because you submit your transaction with an underpriced gas price. Please try the suggested gas price, or you can manually put a higher gas price. Learn more about this error.

How to find my transaction link?

You can find them on historical transactions in your wallet. You can also find them on the corresponding block explorer. (Etherscan, Polygonscan or zkScan)

Can I contribute to multiple projects at once?

Yes, you can add multiple projects to your cart and checkout them at once.

What payment methods I can use?

Ethereum, Polygon, and zkSync (1.0) are currently supported as payment methods by Gitcoin. You can choose one suits you.

Can I increase my donation?

You can donate to the same project more than once if you would like to.

Why does my contribution match $0?

Your match will be higher when you have a higher trust bonus score. However, it’s usually because the project has reached the maximum matching if it shows $0.

How to get a GR15 supporter role?

We have a GR15 supporter Discord role for all donors that contributed to the SyncSwap grant. You can join our Discord and submit the link to your donation transaction in the #gr15 channel.

Can I donate to SyncSwap?

Yes, SyncSwap is attending the GR15 and donations are welcomed!

About SyncSwap

SyncSwap is a seamless decentralized exchange (DEX) on the zkSync 2.0 by MatterLabs. SyncSwap brings easy-to-use and low-cost DeFi to everyone with complete Ethereum security powered by zero-knowledge technology.

Join the Journey

SyncSwap is a community-driven project, and the community's voice means a lot. Join our vibrant and rapidly growing community today to explore the zkVerse and shape the future of SyncSwap together.


This guide is based on Mainnet Guide Gitcoin Grants Round 14 from DefiCalendar.

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