Guide for Gitcoin Grants Round 14


Gitcoin is a community where public goods developers can earn funding in Web3 while creating open-source, decentralized applications. Many early projects use the platform for crowdfunding their project development and operation cost.

Note that SyncSwap is not on GR14 currently.


Currently, Gitcoin Grants Round 14 (GR14) is ongoing and will accept donations until June 23. You can choose to donate to different projects on the Gitcoin website.

Getting Started

0 - Create Github Account

If you have never donated and don't have a Github account, please visit to create one.

1 - Sign in to Gitcoin

Go to and sign in with your Github account.

2 - Maximize Your Impact

To maximize your donation impact, you have to complete several verification procedures to bring your trust bonus up to 150%.

You can do this at

Why maximize your impact is important?

In Grants Rounds (GRs), your donation will be able to match extra funds from the Matching Pool, the amount you matches will depend on your impact.

Thus the project you donated can receive additional funds from your contribution!

Here are some recommended verification methods for you:

  • SMS / Google / Twitter / Facebook (+15% each)

    These social media verification methods are relatively easy.

    Note that you need 100 followers for the Twitter verification, and you can skip it if you don't.

  • POAP / ENS (+25% each)

    You can verify by simply inputting your wallet address if you have a POAP or ENS.

3 - Start Contribute

Well done! Now you can start to donate your favorite projects. Explore them on

Let's have an example.

Once you found a grant that you are interested in. You can click the Add to Cart button on the right side of the page, to add the grant to your cart.

Add to Cart
Add to Cart

And you can enter the checkout by the cart button at the right top corner of the website.

You can choose your desired amount and currency to contribute in the Amount/Currency section.

Choose amount and currency
Choose amount and currency

Your Total Contribution is an estimation of how much the project will receive from your contribution.

You only need to pay the Matching Pool Contribution + Grant Contributions.


Therefore, you can choose the network to check out. We recommend zkSync (1.0) or Polygon to lower the gas cost.

And you should be successful in contributing!


Thank you
Thank you

Join the Journey

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This guide is based on Mainnet Guide Gitcoin Grants Round 14 from DefiCalendar.

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