Announcing SyncSwap
April 7th, 2022

We are thrilled to announce SyncSwap. Our goal is to build a composable and user-friendly DeFi lego for the ZK ecosystem and our users.

Introducing SyncSwap

SyncSwap is a powerful and seamless decentralized exchange built upon zkSync 2.0, the future frontier of Ethereum. It is natively featuring low-cost fees while inheriting complete security.

SyncSwap is rich in features, supporting pool gauges, custom fee structure, advanced routers, vote-escrow token models & governance, and more.

SyncSwap focuses on user experiences; with the freshly designed interface and amazing L2 tech, users will enjoy the smoothest ever trading experience while even more functional.

Why zkSync 2.0?

SyncSwap is dedicated to zkSync 2.0 because that:

  • zkSync utilizes zero-knowledge proofs and can provide scalable with complete mainnet security and zero reliance on 3rd parties.
  • It is EVM-compatible and provides standard Web3 API, which we believe is the key to massive adoption, providing a seamless experience for users.

Wen launch?

SyncSwap will first launch on the zkSync 2.0 testnet. We will continuously iterate and improve the product during the testnet period to deliver a well-optimized product at the first moment when the zkSync 2.0 mainnet launches.

The testnet has launched on April, 9.

Join the Journey

SyncSwap is building a powerhouse among ZK communities. It’s the time to join us and be a builder!

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