Astra DAO Smart Contracts Audited ― Launch Ahead
September 16th, 2022

Astra DAO has been implemented with security as a priority.

The system has been designed to be safe and secure, and we have spent all the necessary resources to ensure that the protocol matches the highest security standards.

Hacken and Halborn have done smart contract code and security audits, and they passed without critical or high-risk issues.

The main objectives were to:

  1. Ensure the system is implemented consistently with the intended functionality and without unintended edge cases.

  2. Identify known vulnerabilities particular to smart contract systems.

  3. Verify that any new changes to the smart contract architecture did not present unexpected behavior or bugs.

Halborn - 09/12/2021 - Astra DAO Smart Contract Code Review and Security Report

Hacken - 01/27/2022 - Astra DAO ERC20 Token, Staking and DEX Aggregator Report

Hacken - 06/10/2022 - Astra DAO Vesting Contract Report

Hacken - 06/10/2022 - Astra DAO ERC20 Token and Staking Contract Report

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