Astra DAO Initiates a Vesting Contract for Grants and Development Funds

Our first Ecosystem fund allocation proposal was first created in September 2022. The primary motivation behind the proposal was to set up the Astra DAO ecosystem for success. Astra DAO has launched with 10% of its entire token supply set aside for grants and development. 

The grants and development funds will no longer require a proposal to be created. Rather it will be vested such that, every week, a percentage will be sent to the Astra DAO Treasury contract address 0xaA2Da8F75A6F7C37dd2A3EdcCBF7897759C9C119 and will be used to support core protocol development, bug bounties, education, marketing, and others. The Astra DAO board will be the steward for usage of these funds towards Astra ecosystem growth.

This will benefit the community as it will speed up the future development of Astra DAO.

We appreciate your support and are open to suggestions or feedback:

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