Astra DAO launches Ambassador Program for content creators

Since Astra DAO launched it´s indices along with staking opportunities, it is time to find the best content creators for Astra DAO to help us reach the right audience.

This is where our brand Ambassadors come into play!

We are hereby announcing the Ambassador Program for Astra DAO.

If you have a decent amount of followers and see our vision for the future of investing in crypto, then apply today!


Ambassadors can expect the following:

  • Compensation paid in $ASTRADAO tokens for good performance

  • You can create an Index in your name for FREE

  • Ambassadors only Telegram channel to communicate and collab with other content creators

  • You get to be involved in the future of the Astra DAO community

So please fill out our form and apply today.

If you are chosen, we will contact you via provided email or Telegram handle.

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