Vote for Astra DAO Ecosystem Fund Allocation Proposal
September 5th, 2022

Astra DAO has created a proposal for funding Astra DAO ecosystem developments. The budget will support core protocol development, bug bounties, education, marketing, and others.

The primary motivation behind the proposal is to set up the Astra DAO ecosystem for success. Astra DAO has launched with 10% of its entire token supply set aside for grants and development. Astra DAO proposes using 5% of the total Grants and Development Fund on three spending categories. The amount proposed for each category is recommended to accelerate adoption, adequately support projects and collaborations, and create opportunities.

Community members who are top 100 stakers can vote for the Astra DAO Ecosystem Fund Allocation Proposal. To vote, you need to visit the Astra DAO proposal page.

Vote for the Astra DAO Ecosystem Fund Allocation Proposal


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