Important Update: Migration and Safety Measures

Dear Astra DAO Community,

We're reaching out to provide a crucial update that requires your immediate attention. Following our recent migration, we strongly advise against engaging with the Astra DAO liquidity pool on Ethereum. Here's a breakdown of the key points and the reasons behind this caution:

  1. Token Contract Destructed: Our ASTRADAO tokens on the Ethereum network have undergone a burn process, rendering the contract inactive. It's imperative to note that any interaction with the Uniswap pool at this point could result in a loss of funds. No tokens will be received in return due to the deactivation of the contract.

  2. Complete Migration to Arbitrum: Astra DAO has successfully completed its migration to the Arbitrum network. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing the efficiency of our ecosystem. The transition ensures a more robust foundation for the future.

  3. Trading on MEXC: For the time being, ASTRADAO tokens are available for trading on the MEXC Exchange. We've worked diligently to facilitate a seamless process for depositing and withdrawing funds post-migration. Your assets are secure, and trading on MEXC provides a reliable environment.

  4. Arbitrum Focus: All ASTRADAO token activities are now consolidated on the Arbitrum network. This encompasses trading, staking, and any other token transactions. The focus on Arbitrum is designed to streamline operations and provide a unified experience for our community.

We deeply appreciate your cooperation and understanding. The Astra DAO community is committed to ensuring a positive and secure experience for all.

Stay safe, stay informed, and thank you for being an integral part of the Astra DAO community!

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