ASTRA v1 Staking and Reward Tokens Airdropped to Your Wallets

We announced our live staking program in Q4 2022. Due to the ETH merge, we paused staking to upgrade our contracts and implement most of our community's feedback.

We are pleased to announce that we have airdropped staking, liquidity provider rewards, and all previously staked ASTRA on the v1 contracts.

All ASTRA on v1 were unstaked and airdropped while upgrading v1 contracts.

This means your previously staked ASTRA have also been unstaked and airdropped into your wallet. You do not have to pay gas fees or do anything else.

To see how much rewards you received, connect your wallet to the website and visit the “Staking” page.

If you did not receive these rewards or your staked ASTRA, email with your details or send us a message on Telegram.

We are still auditing our contracts. Once completed, we will launch v2, and users can begin staking on the platform.

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