Bridging Creativity and Analytics: An Inside Look at the Rare Protocol and Bello Partnership

In a partnership with Bello, we're offering comprehensive analytics and growth tools derived from Curation Staking activity on artists' Community Pools.

The analytic tools provided by Bello aggregate and organize data from each Community Pool within the ecosystem. This data then takes the form of an intuitive dashboard, offering essential onchain wallet analytics and insights to help empower artists to better understand their communities.

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*Mint this collaborative moment for free below

Features Unlocked for Artists with Community Pools

Here’s what becomes accessible to all artists with a Community Pool:

  • 11 Dashboards and 30 Metrics: Navigate through robust dashboards and metrics to truly comprehend your community's engagement.

  • Proprietary Wallet Interests: Delve into your stakers’ onchain behaviors to better grasp their inclinations.

  • Direct Wallet Messaging: Establish immediate communication routes with your stakers, thus enhancing participation and feedback.

  • Ethereum and POAP Search Analytics: Use single or multiple contract search features on Ethereum and POAP to filter through transactions and interactions.

  • Advanced Wallet Segmentation: Apply sophisticated filtering techniques to better focus your community communications.

  • Informed Decisions: Utilize algorithmically generated insights to make well-informed choices for your brand and community.

Your Guide for Accessing Bello's Analytics

Here's how artists can unlock Bello’s wallet analytics on their stakers.

Step 1: Navigate to your Community Pool on

Locate your Community Pool. You’ll see a mushroom icon; click it to be redirected to Bello.

Step 2: Authenticate on Bello via the target Ethereum address associated with your Community Pool

Proceed to Bello and complete the Ethereum address authentication. You’ll need to sign with your wallet to verify you own the Community Pool’s target address.

Step 3: Dashboards will populate automatically

Once in, let the system take care of data collection and arrangement.

Note: While you can explore other collections, any extra queries will abide by the constraints of Bello's creator package. To receive a 20% discount on all paid plans and gain unrestricted access to Bello's premium offerings, email and put "gm" in the subject line.

Step 4: Explore actionable insights

With your tailored dashboard now open, sift through your top supporters’ insights, segment your most enthusiastic stakers, and message their wallets through Bello’s XMTP feature.

Whether you're contemplating new NFT drops, community activities, growing your pool of stakers, or just discerning who your most active supporters are, this data is an invaluable asset to strategic community growth.

Final Thoughts

Our partnership with Bello is a focused effort to provide artists with actionable insights. Artists, especially those in web3, have to juggle a lot – marketing, sales, creativity, and brand partnerships, to name a few. By adding Bello's onchain analytics to Community Pools, we aim to give artists a sharper understanding of their stakers’ dynamics. This is a game-changer for anyone serious about growing their creative footprint in web3.

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