Expanding the RareDAO Vision

Today, SuperRare Labs proposed that RareDAO evolve far beyond stewarding a single platform. By building a decentralized, global registry of artists, collectors, and assets, we can radically improve cross-platform discovery and authentication, unlocking the true potential of the creator economy.

Web3 is a vast ocean of platforms, smart contracts, and chains, but we lack a comprehensive registry to tie all activity back to a creator – a source of truth that maps verification. This hampers discoverability, and pushes authentication and curation to centralized 3rd parties.

If we, as a community, are to scale the web3 creator economy to its full potential as a $100B+ market, an autonomous registry of web3 historical provenance is needed. We have a massive opportunity here, and we want to build it alongside the entire web3 community. And so, we propose orienting the DAO's long term priorities around the development of this larger and much needed decentralized data platform.

With this expanded scope, stewardship of the SuperRare platform will still remain under the RareDAO umbrella, while positioning ourselves to have a much bigger impact at an ecosystem level.

Read the full RFC here. All feedback on the beginnings of this mission is deeply valued.

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