How To MintWorld
September 9th, 2022

As the absolute beginner


You’ll need a Crypto Wallet to login to the game.

At this point, we support MetaMask

Tutorial: Getting Started with MetaMask

Or join us on Discord, we’re happy to help.

Note: We will never ask for your private key

MintWorld is free BUT…

You have to pay a small fraction of MATIC (Polygon Network Currency) as transaction fee.

Daily claim costs around $0.01 in MATIC

Charging your Wallet with MATIC

Via Bank/CC: MtPelerin (non-custodial wallet, no KYC)

Via Crypto: Rango

If you do not have Polygon Network in your MetaMask: Click Here to add


  • Go to

  • Click Play or scroll down to the game

  • Walk up to the PC

  • Hit Space-bar on your Keyboard

  • Follow Connect and Sign-in

  • Click Mint

  • Confirm the transaction


Discord: Join

Telegram: Join

Twitter: Follow Us

The team uses and is affiliated with MtPelerin, thanks for your support!

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