Twitter And Voice

Literacy is a bias. Knowledge can go back and forth pretty well in the oral tradition. I am not opposed to literacy. But I don’t think we ought to be limited to it. And with audio, you don’t have to worry about the many scripts. There is a greater sense of privacy.

Twitter could do a TikTok, I guess, but everyone is doing it. YouTube, Instagram. But there is this glaring empty space. What if instead of tweeting in letters I recorded audio that is a minute or two or three long. Up to three minutes makes sense. Brevity is the Twitter thing.

You should be able to send DMs in audio. You should be able to tweet in audio. I think that would be the greatest contribution to global free speech than anything else. People speak.

And a powerful AI that uses all that audio content to learn and learn and learn such that language to language translation becomes much easier. The linguistic diversity on the planet is precious like the biodiversity of the Amazon.

But it perhaps should not be real-time. You make it real-time and Twitter has become a telephone.

If I could get only one new feature on Twitter, it would be this audio.

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