Marc Andreessen Is A Dud When It Comes To Politics

I have read some lucid lucid essays by Marc Andreessen on topics in tech. Here is but one example, Marc talking Bitcoin back in 2014. In a two-party democracy, the choice is binary and we all make mistakes. You have a democratic right to vote for, vouch for one of the two candidates. I get that.

But Trump is different. And if you are still pining for him a full year after January 6 (Bin Laden's Fantasy, Trump's Reality) I am going to be suspicious.

I understand differences in opinion, but I make a point to not understand racism. In Trump’s case, we are talking fascism, pure, unadulterated fascism. Yes, Hitler had his QAnon. That is how it starts.

Do you support the current thing? Marc asks. And then he points us to this blog post that sounds sophisticated at first but concludes by apologizing for Trump.

“I’m not saying this is the high-IQ case for Trumpism, but it does point in the direction of what it might look like.”

My gripe with American politics is not that there are two sides, but that the two sides don’t seem to be much talking to each other. American democracy is in crisis. Tribal instincts have taken over when, in a two-party system, one party is wholly dedicated to disenfranchising large swathes of the electorate. It is a reminder that liberty has to be earned all over again by every generation. Liberty asks for eternal vigilance. America could lose it.

Ukraine is a heroic country in that it is Ukraine that is exporting democracy to America today. Otherwise, the mojo had been lost on the mainland.

The problem with “libertarians” like Marc Andreessen and Peter Thiel is they glorify failed states and the looting and mayhem when the state sometimes disappears.

The absence of state is a state that is small, efficient, present but restrained, a state that is intelligent, and compassionate, a state that is a good referee to the players in the private sector.

Trump is not my idea of out-of-the-box thinking. Perhaps Peter can be exported to Afghanistan.

And there is also the rich white male bias. The best use case Marc can think of for the Bitcoin for Third World people is they do “hard jobs” and should be able to send money home for much lower fees, a commendable goal but that totally bypasses the masses that never even show up to do those hard jobs.

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