Musk's 44 Billion Dollar Give To Foolish Fascism

By now I am beginning to think this has been the only reason Elon Musk has wanted to buy Twitter. Edit button? You can already compose a new tweet.

Free speech does not mean you can incite violence, which is what Trump did on January 6. It is a well-documented act, minute by minute. Trump is a violent fascist.

Germany was a country of high culture and science, it was a democracy. And some of the leading minds in the country fell for Hitler. I see people like Marc and Elon falling for Trump. Frankly, this is sad and disgusting. Marc has been running up and down the street about how Ukraine is the current thing. Ukraine is not a country at the frontline of the fight for democracy. It is the current thing. How cavalier is that?

Putin today, Trump tomorrow, Le Pen yesterday.

Hate speech is problematic enough. And that is its own category. What used to be fringe, thanks to Trump, is now in the mainstream.

America is a democracy in crisis. Ukraine is exporting democracy to America, as we speak. A two-party democracy where one party is hellbent on disenfranchising large swathes of the population is a democracy in crisis.

Musk is very smart, very hardworking, very innovative, but also very white male. The while male part is 90% of his success. That is why he feels the need to pour $44 billion into the hate speech.

I think this sentiment is a sound argument for a well-thought-out wealth tax. Nobody needs to be a billionaire. There ought to be forking. You still get to keep your voting power, but the wealth goes to We The People.

You might be smart on one thing, but that does not make you smart on all things. These two gentlemen are missing out on the basics of basic politics.

I don’t think America could survive one more term of Donald Trump in the White House. Wake up, Elon.

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