Introducing Social Graph Ventures

In the ever-evolving landscape of web3, where does the future of social interaction lie? As we stand at the crossroads of innovation and adoption, Social Graph Ventures emerges as a beacon, illuminating the path forward for founders building the next generation of social applications and middleware in web3.

The Underappreciated Layers of Web3

While the infrastructural behemoths of web3 social have been soaking up the limelight of the investment landscape, a subtle yet profound shift is about to take place in the shadows. The application and middleware layer, the unsung heroes, and the backstage maestros are the very essence that promises to reshape how we connect, interact, and experience the web3 social sphere.

Our Vision

At the heart of Social Graph Ventures lies a singular, visionary mission: to channel capital into the application and middleware layer startups of web3’s social graph. In a world where most funds flow toward infrastructural giants, SGV recognizes the untapped potential of this overlooked segment. After all, aren't the applications and tools truly bringing tech to the masses? SGV is positioning itself at the intersection of innovation and necessity, focused on nurturing the very fabric of the next-gen web3 social ecosystem.

Investment Direction

The Web3 Social Applications - From innovative SocialFi experiments to anticipating the transformative moment in hypercasual web3 gaming (reminiscent of Zynga’s legacy), and the future of content delivered via on-chain media marketplaces.

The Web3 Social Middleware - Beyond applications, SGV focuses on the foundational tools of the Web3 ecosystem, from web3 social APIs to algorithms for permissionless feed curation. This includes innovative marketing tools, analytics, and authentication methods that place users at the forefront.

Why Social Graph Ventures?

At its core, SGV is more than an investment vehicle; it’s a collective of curated investors, builders, and content creators, taking community-first investing to the next level. From the founders of Symmetrical to the minds behind Hydra Ventures, 1kx, Daedalus, Lens Protocol, and Mask Network, among others, the SGV team brings together a wealth of experience and insights. This unique blend of expertise ensures that SGV isn’t just investing in startups; it’s nurturing, guiding, and helping them realize their full potential!

A Call to Visionaries

We believe that the current infrastructure, which offers sufficiently cheap block space, is ready to be tested with the next generation of viral web3 social apps. For founders building them, SGV offers more than just capital; it promises a community, a network, and a canvas where visions can be transformed into reality.

If you are a founder with an innovative idea in the web3 social space, SGV invites you to be part of its mission, so don’t be a stranger. And for those who resonate with our vision and express interest in contributing to our collective, SGV invites you to connect - with no promises, though, as seats are limited.

In the dynamic landscape of web3, while many ride the waves, SGV sows the roots — roots that will sprout into the next-gen forests of social experience and interaction. Together, let's nurture the social landscapes of tomorrow.

Now's the part where we'd sling a fancy website your way, but guess what? Our buildooors decided to touch grass for a moment or two, and we had to let them. It won't be long tho, with a bit of patience, you can soon expect a in new splendor. Meanwhile, you can always follow us on Twitter!

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