Crypto Chronicles: Fresh Hacks to 23rd of June, 2023

Hey there, crypto enthusiasts! It's your friendly neighborhood node wizard here, ready to sprinkle some humor onto the world of blockchain mayhem. Buckle up and get ready for some fresh hacks and cheeky punchlines that will make you LOL while you contemplate your digital assets.

Let's kick things off with a friendly reminder: "No one could care about your assets better than you." So, let's dive into some recent crypto calamities, shall we?

Pawnfi: Where The Dreams Were Pwned

On June 17, 2023, Pawnfi contracts, including the infamous ApeStaking, got a taste of the exploitation dance floor. The attackers sure knew how to move, causing a loss of 633,441 USD worth of 366.77 ETH. But hey, they couldn't resist the temptation to show off their 'ETH-tric' moves. They swirled away with 100 ETH through TornadoCash, leaving the remaining 266.77 ETH to another EOA address that's holding the stolen funds. Time to update those dance moves, Pawnfi!

The Midas Capital: Gold or Fool's Gold?

Picture this: The Midas Capital, a borrowing and lending platform on the Binance Smart Chain, fell prey to a logic flaw in one of its contracts. Oops! The attackers saw this opportunity and decided to strike, draining over 600,000 USD worth of various tokens, including stablecoins and BNB. Looks like the Midas touch went from gold to a fool's gold rush. Keep those contracts verified, folks!

Ara Blocks: When NFTs Become 'Nefarious Funds Taken'

Our NFT adventure takes us to Ara Blocks, a promising project on the Binance Smart Chain. But alas, they faced the wrath of a flash loan attack. The attacker thought they could pull off the ultimate art heist and successfully exploited the project, causing a loss of 124,915 USD. The stolen funds decided to join another EOA address, partying together like there's no tomorrow. It seems even NFTs can't escape the clutches of mischievous minds.

Baby Doge Coin: From Cute Memes to Not-So-Cute Schemes

Who can resist a meme token? Apparently, not the attackers. Baby Doge Coin encountered a flash loan attack on June 21, 2023, leaving them feeling less like a cute pup and more like a chew toy. The attacker managed to score a hefty loan of 18.5 million USDT and 11.9 million BUSD from UNI V2. They must have thought they hit the jackpot, but let's be honest, the real jackpot was their audacity. Looks like Baby Doge Coin took an unexpected walk on the wild side.

Well, that wraps up our crypto chronicles for today. Remember, in this crazy world of cryptocurrencies, laughter might just be the best encryption. Stay safe, keep those wallets secure, and let's hope the next adventure in the crypto realm brings us more giggles than glitches! And don’t forget: a personal node is a way less attractive target for hackers, so consider getting yourself one. Reach the Nodigy at or via Twitter’s DM!


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