The Road to Ownership

The Internet and Social Media we know today have evolved significantly from their early days. What began as a means to exchange basic data has grown to become an integral part of today's society.

It all started with the first iteration of the network, often referred to as "Web1." In those early days, internet interaction was primarily limited to publishing content, with few meaningful ways to engage with the online community, and there was a notable lack of ownership over the content created. However, this was just the beginning, with future iterations on the horizon.

The second stage of evolution gave rise to the concept of social media with sites like Facebook or MySpace that began to amass larger audiences, forming the network we now refer to as the "Social Graph." Few people grasped the significance of creating spaces that could generate social graphs by enabling communities to easily respond to published content. From this point on, it no longer mattered whether the published content we responded to was a friend's holiday photo or our favorite band's new song. The era of "Web2" shaped the internet as we know it today.

The next stage of evolution is termed "Web3," but what does it entail? What more can we add beyond publishing and community interaction?

Ownership, allowing us to create communities of our own.

The impending revolution revolves around content creators, both professional and amateur, but there's one common thread - ownership of their content, enabling them to establish a closer bond with their community. Ownership is a pivotal element in forging an immediate feedback loop between creators and the community, elevating the quality of content to unprecedented heights.

Now, the only missing piece is platforms that enable creators to effortlessly gather and publish content, providing the means for individually tailored interactions with each community member.

And that's precisely where SiBorg takes the spotlight.

SiBorg - Bringing ownership to the podcast industry

With the increasingly fast pace of life, society is leaning toward content that seamlessly fits into its daily routines. This shift has led to the surging popularity of short-form content like TikToks or Instagram Reels. Simultaneously, there's a phenomenon on the horizon that appears to challenge the dominance YouTube has established over the years - podcasting.

Given the numerous tasks people need to accomplish each day, from commuting to grocery shopping and meal preparation, not everyone has the luxury of time to watch videos by their favorite creators. The video format simply doesn't align with these hectic schedules, whereas podcasts fit perfectly.

SiBorg recognizes this trend and aspires to create a platform that welcomes not only creators but also fans seeking meaningful interactions.

The current podcasting landscape lacks depth in interaction, and this is where SiBorg offers a solution.

Building the Future of SocialFi

Although still in the development phase, SiBorg is actively establishing its presence in the world of web3, with the aim of becoming a leader in the emerging SocialFi.

Previously, we discussed the concept of Social Graphs as a fundamental part of the social media building strategy. SiBorg recognizes the critical role Social Graphs played in the web2 era and has actively integrated this concept into their product, by picking Lens - the Social Graph of the web3 world.

Understanding the importance of meaningful collaboration, SiBorg has also chosen to partner with a web3 giant - SwissBorg. This partnership will lay the foundation for future monetization and elevate the quality of content shared within the community. It's just the beginning of an exciting journey that we can't wait to tell you more about.

To delve deeper into our vision for content creation in the next phase of the internet's evolution, visit our website and explore our Manifesto, which envisions a better space for community interaction.

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