Tokenizing the Creator

The Inception

The emergence of the internet ushered in a content creation revolution. With the rapid expansion of the online landscape, a notable shift occurred – ordinary individuals began crafting basic content and disseminating it without relying on intermediaries.

The internet redefined the essence of being a creator, opening the floodgates for everyone to share their creations, discoveries, art, or any form of content imaginable. However, a challenge emerged over time – the issue of monetization.

The Bottleneck

Once the opportunity opened up for everyone to showcase their creations, it became apparent that while technology had paved the way for sharing, it hadn't quite sorted out the money-making side of things.

In the following decades, we've seen some strides in the monetization scene. Platforms started kicking back some cash to creators, ad revenue started flowing, subscriptions got a price tag, and personalized merch became an option for those supporting the creator. Yet, a hiccup persisted across these various ways of turning content into cash and backing your personal brand.

No matter which avenue you took for monetizing your content, a significant hurdle popped up – intermediaries. Whether it was the platforms handling your stuff or the physical middlemen in the merchandise game, they all threw a spanner in the works, putting a cap on the return on investment you could wring out of your creations.

And here's where blockchain tech steps onto the stage, bringing in a game-changer known as tokenization.

The Gamechanger

Enter SocialFi – the frontier of blockchain implementation dedicated to revolutionizing how content creation and personal brands cash in on their craft. In simpler terms, tokenization is the game-changer here, ushering in a newfound independence for every content creator. Essentially, any type of content can now be tokenized and released on the blockchain, cleverly sidestepping the conventional web2 publishers we're familiar with today.

The saying "You are your own brand" has just been elevated to another level.

Tokenizing the Creator

The hype of NFTs in 2021 was the first stage of the movement we still see today - the tokenization of content; and this is exactly what happened back then.

If the first stage was tokenizing the content via NFTs, the second stage is tokenizing both the creator and the content via NFTs and various SocialFi mechanisms as we have seen in the case of

What we are going to witness in years to come is not the copy of the events from 2021, it will be far larger movements that will change how brands create and monetize their content via digital avenues. The evolution of content creation thanks to blockchain technology will start in niche areas and quickly find its way into the most well-known areas of entertainment, like the world of podcasting which grew to be one of the largest content creation platforms today.

Podcasts hold one of the highest potentials to benefit from tokenization as they have become the symbol of today’s society.

The World of Podcasting

Considering everything we've delved into today, we can see how SiBorg has the potential to revolutionize the podcasting space using blockchain technology and the idea of tokenizing both the creator and their work.

Imagine being able to back your favorite podcasters, especially those still carving their niche, by purchasing tokens or NFTs issued by the creator. Knowing that a major chunk of the value goes directly to them signifies a substantial shift from the old paradigm where platforms pocketed most of the value instead of the creators.

The onset of a new era in content creation is upon us.

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