Introducing SiBorg Genesis Campaign - Phase 1


In anticipation of the upcoming SiBorg Alpha release, we are launching a social experiment on X that will reward those who engage with SiBorg account as well as whitelisted X Spaces hosts accounts. We are deploying a dashboard app so everyone can keep track of their score and later follow-up on their position in the leaderboard.

The future of Podcasts

SiBorg is a decentralized mobile application that allows X Spaces & Podcast creators to distribute their content, build their community and monetize their attention through a PoS (Proof of Support) design backed by the $SIB token.

SiBorg is backed by SwissBorg that will ensure a successful token launch. After launching XBorg, Phaver & Gogopool; SwissBorg is now accelerating its investment in SocialFi with SiBorg.

SiBorg Genesis Campaign

Phase 1

The first phase of SiBorg Genesis Campaign is starting Thursday, Jan 11 at 6pm UTC and will be live until our mobile application is released to the general public a few weeks from now.

To take a chance and earn your share of the $SIB airdrop, you must follow @SiBorgApp on X and join our Dashboard

On our Dashboard, you’ll see that every interaction you have with @SiBorgApp X account earns you points as well as interactions with Whitelisted Spaces Hosts accounts. These points will be used as a foundation for your social reputation once the application is live.

Finally, this phase will be split in weekly sprints to allow everyone to join the contest, even if it already started a week ago.

SiBorgApp X Account:

  • Follow @SiborgApp: 10 XP.

  • Like: 20 XP.

  • RT: 20 XP.

  • Comment: 20 XP.

  • Post with the #siborg tag: 30 XP.

Whitelisted X Accounts:

  • Participate as speaker in the Spaces (host/guest): 20 XP.

  • Like the Spaces tweet: 10 XP.

  • RT the Spaces tweet: 10 XP.

  • Comment the Spaces tweet: 15 XP.

On top of that, we plan on regularly announcing x2 XP boosts for a few creators at a time.

Finally, to make sure everyone has a chance to make it, we have taken a snapshot to distribute points to any user that spoke in Spaces from a list of Creators we have picked in the past month so you should check your score and see how many points you already have.

Phase 2

Our second campaign phase will be announced soon after we officially release our Alpha mobile application to the public and will take place in-app to reward our most active users.

More information coming soon along with our whitepaper.

Getting started

Join the Genesis Campaign:

  • Start by following¬†@SiBorgApp¬†on X

  • Join our Dashboard

  • Stay tuned for our latest posts in regards to the X accounts whitelist and XP boosts.

Gl everyone!

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