The Future of Content Creation

Social Contract

Modern society is organized based on written laws, yet not everything can be regulated by the artificial rules imposed by the state or other organizations of power. On the other hand, if we take a look at early societies of the past, we will see little to no rules that were codified and imposed on all the members of the society. We can wonder how those societies managed everyday life disputes and structures, but aren’t we seeing the same notion among various subgroups today?

The key principle among these societies is not a codified set of rules but a social contract that defines them. In essence, a social contract is a mutual agreement within a group of people that allows them to function smoothly, avoiding major disruptions. It forms the foundation upon which societies are built.

The principle of Social Contract is also the driving force behind the entire SocialFi movement, where an established social contract governs and creates further rules for itself over time. This is the new paradigm of building communities.

The World of SocialFi

Let's start by delving into what SocialFi truly represents and how it can emerge as the predominant narrative in the coming years.

Envision a world where every facet of your digital life is owned by you, free from intermediaries or third parties eager to lay claim to the metadata you generate. While true ownership is a crucial aspect, it's just one piece of the puzzle — significant, yet not the sole determinant of what SocialFi could evolve into. Another fundamental principle of SocialFi may be less apparent to the average internet enthusiast.

The world of social media under web 2.0 paradigm is primarily driven by entertainment, where a single creator is often inundated with masses of indistinguishable fans. Building upon this observation reveals the artificial nature of the relationship between content creators and their audiences over the years. What was once personal has been drained of its soul and meaningful connection.

With the advent of SocialFi, the vast gap separating creators and their audiences is on the verge of being bridged. This, in turn, marks the inception of a new era in content creation.

Content Creation 2.0

In today's landscape, whether it's on social media, broadcasts, or traditional newspapers and magazines, we encounter content created by various brands or individuals. Everything is, in some way, a piece of content, and SocialFi is poised to simplify the process of reaching out to creators, making it a standard rather than an exception.

With the advent of SocialFi, creators will be empowered to forge stronger connections with their audiences by eliminating every unnecessary intermediary in the process. Items and messages will be sent directly from the creator's account, exclusive products will be made available only to the most dedicated followers, and numerous other options will become a norm. The world of content creation and the role of creators themselves will reach new heights, thanks to a feedback loop that is becoming shorter and more flexible.

The Way of the Creator

Given that blockchain technology is inherently transparent and immutable, creators will have the ability to identify their most dedicated followers and implement some form of grading system, where followers feel rewarded for their contributions and engagement.

In this new paradigm, the audience ceases to be a nameless crowd and begins to be recognized as individuals. This shift provides a fertile environment in which creators can more precisely cater to the needs of their audience, significantly reducing the number of unsatisfied individuals and offering invaluable feedback from devoted followers to strengthen core components of the content being created.

This is the future of content creation, where creators can interact with their audiences and build brands based on mutual understanding and devotion. This is precisely how SiBorg has the potential to revolutionize the ever-expanding realm of podcasting, providing creators with the necessary tools to elevate their game. The future is here.

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