Understand Blockchain Gamers with Next-Level Web3 Analytics

Building a wallet portfolio dashboard can be a powerful tool for any cryptocurrency investor and project team. By aggregating all held assets in one place, you can get a complete overview of your asset’s financial status.

While many portfolio tools in the market display the state of assets, asset information alone seems insufficient to represent a user in 3D. We hope to create a more holistic web3 graph by combining user behaviour to better describe their path on the chain. As NFT and GameFi continue to develop, project teams increasingly need to conduct more in-depth analyses of gamers and NFT holders to summarise user characteristics, identify potential customers, and recognize bots.

Footprint provides a solution with comprehensive data coverage that demonstrates a complete view of users. Data from 24 chains can cover more cross-chain data, and 2,000 game data can track most game users on the chain. 700,000 NFTs, including not only collectibles but also in-game NFTs, also enrich the profile of gamers and NFT holders.

A gamer’s profile can include:

Portfolio Statistics and Indicators

  • Personal profile tags (whales, collectors, etc.)
  • Buy and sell volume
  • Return on investment
  • Profit and loss situation
  • Holding value

Wallet Activity Log

  • Earliest and latest time activity, days active and transactions
  • Activity charts for minting, buying, selling, sending and receiving
  • Activity overview with information about NFT platform, collections, values, and more.

It’s never been easier to build a gamer wallet profile.

Footprint provides structured data indexing of different games on different chains, and a unified data structure greatly reduces development costs.

For example, by only calling one address, you can obtain that address’s records in different games.

*Footprint Analytics — *Daily Game Activities by Protocol

The analysis of individual wallets can also be extended to the analysis of groups, helping you understand your customers and discover potential customers.

Leverage the power of Footprint’s platform and take advantage of its higher-level abstractions to focus on building with theWeb3 DApp and user analysis.

Get building with Footprint today!

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