On Creating for Different Types of Collectors

At CC0 Studios, our mission is to establish brands that prioritize art and storytelling over financial speculation, believing in the long run, creative games tend to be positive-sum games.

That being said - a collector should be able to collect if they want to. So, to appeal to the wide range of folks both already onboarded into web3 and those who are not, who may fall on any point of the spectrum of willingness to spend money on a jpeg/mp4, we have created multiple nft creation streams for different types of collectors.

First, we will leverage Zora’s creator rewards program. This platform enables fans to acquire unique content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and special moments at negligible costs (fancy speak for Free). While a significant portion of the NFT sector extracts substantial value from their fanbase, Zora’s reward system permits creators like us to benefit incrementally, all while ensuring that the fan, collector, or consumer can acquire content with minimal financial strain. Frankly, we're not sure why this isn't the industry standard.

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We recognized the challenge gas fees presented, especially when targeting the "every collector" and those that have yet to mint their first NFT - the bounce rate when someone sees a $50+ gas fee is a metric I'm afraid to know. Hence, for these free mints, we opted for an ETH L2 solution, Base.

Why opt for an ETH L2 instead of a different L1?

Put plainly - that's where the collectors are, and while we're open to exploring other chains in the future, our current approach leans into what our audience knows best.

Why Base?

While part of the decision was just gut, Base's strong affiliation with the Nouns DAO community resonated with us, especially considering our aligned values rooted in the value of CC0 IP.

Going Beyond the Casual Collector

We understand and value the influence of 1/1 art collection curators. Not just for their financial contributions, but more importantly, for their role as industry trendsetters and tastemakers.

With this in mind, we're launching exclusive auctions for 1/1 NFTs of each episode. The proceeds will be channeled into producing the subsequent short film to "cow." it will feature OSF’s "RektGuy" and Grant Riven Yun and Andrew Mitchell’s “Primera.”

To understand the idea further, take a look at the 2x2 matrix below.

Want to mint some behind-the-scenes moments for free?

Want to bid on the 1/1?


Don't want to do either of those things? That's cool too and we're happy you're following our content.

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