Introducing CC0 Studios

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of CC0 Studios, a production studio committed to building the worlds of public domain crypto-native intellectual property.

To demonstrate this commitment, CC0 Studios has partnered with Atrium, to produce a series of short films and social shorts leveraging their network of artists and creators.

Mission Statement

Reimagining the Crypto-Native Narrative: CC0 Studios endeavors to push beyond the current speculative scope of crypto-native content. Harnessing the power of public domain, crypto-native intellectual property, our mission is to establish brands that prioritize art and storytelling over financial speculation, believing in the long run, creative games tend to be positive-sum games.

What is CC0?

CC0, or "Creative Commons Zero," refers to a public domain license where creators have relinquished all their copyright and related rights in their works. This means anyone can use, modify, and share the content for any purpose, even commercially. Still curious? Read this: NEW FAQ ON NFTS AND CC0

See also Punk 6529’s thread on the subject.

Capitalizing on Pre-Existing Foundations

Leveraging CC0 intellectual property (IP) provides a unique advantage to creators, it's akin to having a launch pad that's already been built. Instead of grappling with the challenges highlighted in Peter Thiel’s “Zero to One,” you're beginning from an established vantage point.

When sculpting brands from CC0 sources, there's the invaluable asset of pre-existing communities at your disposal. Such communities are treasure troves of enthusiastic, committed members who not only actively consume content but are also often driven to champion and amplify it further. The uphill battle many nascent brands face in attracting an initial following is substantially eased in this setup.

Consider the potential of intertwining multiple CC0 communities to create a singular, expansive brand universe — much like what CC0 Studios envisions.

Reaching that coveted milestone of 1,000 true fans might not be as prolonged a journey for those leveraging CC0 IP as it would be for brands building their identity from the ground up.

Why Atrium?


  • Culturally Aware: In the world of crypto, being culturally tuned is essential. Atrium recognizes the nuances of the crypto community and caters to them, but not in a way that would alienate a non-crypto-native audience.

  • Decentralized and Transparent: Collaborating mostly in channels like Discourse, Discord, and various DAO governance channels Atrium has a history of building in public.

Global Independent Talent Pool

  • Pulling from talent that exists all over the world, Atrium makes it easier to connect with those artists and find the animation style that matches a producer’s vision.

Proven Track Record

  • Atrium has experience building out high-quality crypto-native cc0 IP with their work on the Nouns Movie.

    Nouns DAO has funded its first feature-length animated film, The Rise of Blus: A Nouns Movie, which features popular NFT characters from the Nouns community. This marks the first-ever animated movie to be funded by a DAO. The film is produced by Atrium, an animation studio and network of independent artists and creators who have previously worked with Pixar, Netflix, and Marvel. - Nouns DAO and Atrium Launch First Animated Movie Funded by a DAO via NFT Now

Thoughts from the Atrium Team

“With some inspiration from Studio A24, Atrium is focused on creating artist equity. Not just providing people a new opportunity to create, but for artists to feel empowered to do their best work.” - Supriyo, Atrium Founder

“One of my favorite things about Atrium is seeing people begin to believe that more is possible. I’m a firm believer that creating changes you, and I am glad that people are having that experience.” - Anaroth, Atrium Head of Community

Also, learn how Atrium’s 3D Print Guy is bringing Grant Riven Yun’s “Cow” to life.

A Personal Note

i’ve always really connected with the “mfer” character - one of the older and more resilient cc0 crypto-native brands derived from the popular “are ya winning, son" meme.

their creator, sartoshi, once said:

“you can state a roadmap that says where you will go, but you can also plant seeds and see where they grow” - via Twitter and in “what are mfers

cc0 Studios is the natural next evolution of, a previous series of animated shorts i produced focusing solely on the mfer character. i hope cc0 studios proves to be a seed growing into something people love.

take a look at the past work below.

Follow the project on X at @cc0_studios, @atriumnft, @0xlawl, and learn more at

If you’re an artist or producer interested in collaborating please contact us on X or the Atrium Discord.

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