Building An Internet-Native Content Universe (That Isn't the Internet)

Intro: Why Decentralized Disney Didn't Catch On

Last cycle, both retail investors and VCs latched onto the idea that crypto could give birth to a "decentralized Disney." Despite many a seed check and high hopes, this vision hasn't materialized. Why?

Sure, bad UX, high transaction fees, slow speeds, and lacking infrastructure played a part. But the main point of failure is failing to realize that the foundation for a decentralized Disney already exists, thriving on the internet through the rapid spread of memes.

Gen Z is desperate for a show in their language - the language of internet culture. The 3 guys 3 girls in their 20s trying to make it in NYC meta is kinda fucking played out my guy.

The Real Issue: Curation, Not Creation

Doge, Wojak (Feels Guy), Chad, Giga Chad, Trad Girl, Soyjack, Doomer, NPC, Zoomer Wojak, Virgin Wojak, dogwifhat, Popcat, Pepe the Frog, the Are ya winning, son dad and son, Schizo, Yes Chad, Midwit, LoFi Girl, Simple Jack, Retardio, Milady, Intellectual Chad, etc.

The amount of characters and derivatives of characters the internet produces has no limit and is increasing exponentially in every direction (good, bad, ugly, left, right, wholesome, extremist, hyper-financialized, etc).

We don't need to create new intellectual property (IP). Instead, we need to curate the organic, beloved communities and visual languages that already exist. Memes are the backbone of Internet culture, and their decentralized nature embodies the spirit of crypto. We don’t need to invent new IP. And we certainly don’t need to let hundreds of people slow down the creative process.

What we need to do, is curate existing, organically developed, and beloved communities.

Look no further than the diagrams below to see that there’s no shortage of character and content creation/development.

The Efficiency of a Centralized Curator for Decentralized Content

While decentralizing the creative process promotes diverse contributions, it often results in fragmentation and inconsistency. A centralized curator (in this case I propose CC0 Studios fills this role) can manage these contributions, ensuring a unified vision and maintaining quality control. This approach pulls from the strengths of decentralized creativity while providing the structure needed for coherent and marketable content.

By centralizing curation, we can streamline communication and ensure a more cohesive final product. You don’t want to fall victim to the too many cooks scenario.

Why CC0 Studios & normal mfer?

CC0 Studios and normal mfer aim to leverage existing Internet and crypto-native memes and intellectual property to craft content that speaks the language of the Internet. By living at the intersection of internet-native culture and crypto-native meme culture, we will create a library of hyper-spreadable and shareable online content. This strategy, backed by communities with aligned financial incentives (for example, if you own an mfer NFT or the $mfer coin why wouldn’t you share the normal mfer GIFs?), seeks to bring these characters to the masses, bringing about a new wave of digital culture with both creative and economic benefits.

We dive further into the idea of CC0 NFT IP as hyper-efficient culture Legos in the article below.


The future of entertainment isn't about creating a new Disney, it's about recognizing and nurturing the decentralized Disney that's already here. By curating and animating the vibrant meme communities that thrive online, we can create a new paradigm of entertainment that's high-quality and rooted in internet culture.

For a look behind the scenes at the universe cc0studios is building check out the video below and follow us on Twitter @cc0_studios.

Want to help fund this initiative? DM @0xlawl on Twitter / @lawl on Warpcast

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