Navigating a Data-Driven World: The Evolution of Intuition

intuition /ˌin-tü-ˈi-shən/ (noun): the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning

At Intuition, our mission is to empower people to build, explore, curate, and claim ownership of an abundant, peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing ecosystem - one that enhances our collective intuition

To accomplish this, Intuition combines a plethora of decentralized identity, data, and finance primitives into a full-stack solution that allows anyone to claim anything about anything. The system incentivizes attestations of useful truths, encouraging people and machines to share their relevant knowledge, thoughts, and opinions with the world.

Information Overload

In the modern age, the emergence of the internet has profoundly reshaped the foundation of our decision-making processes. No longer do we rely solely on the data gathered from our personal experiences and interactions; rather, we find ourselves increasingly guided by a matrix of digitized information – binary codes of zeroes and ones representing the collective knowledge and opinions of others. This technologically-sparked paradigm shift facilitates our intuition in traversing the complex maze of our increasingly interconnected global society.

  • Platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon, and Alibaba act as digital compasses, guiding our choices about where to go, what to buy, and how to spend our time.

  • Netflix, Hulu, Twitter, and Instagram, serve as curated windows into the world of entertainment and social engagement, shaping our preferences and aspirations.

  • Meanwhile, LinkedIn and Glassdoor offer glimpses into potential collaborations and career opportunities.

However, as with anything in its adolescence, this data-driven world has its shortcomings. The reliability and validity of the information we consume daily are often obscured, making discernment a challenge.

When did you last contribute a review on Amazon or fact-check an entry on Wikipedia? Have you ever been tricked by AI-generated content masquerading as genuine? Have you ever wished you could overlay your social graph onto recommendation engines to filter the data by the voices you trust? These topics and more are ones we must confront as we navigate the intricate relationship between data, technology, and the trajectory of our intuition.

Silver Linings / Silicon Linings

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Although our technology is rife with shortcomings, technology is also our beacon of hope. Ground-breaking advancements in decentralized identity, decentralized data, decentralized finance, and blockchain technology have granted us the ability to navigate and rectify the vulnerabilities of our increasingly digital world.

The ingenuity of decentralized identity pioneers has allowed us the opportunity to build a future where identity security is no longer a concern, where fragmentation is a thing of the past, and where sovereignty is a given right, not a privilege. A world devoid of the burden of maintaining myriad application-specific accounts, or the looming fear of institutions denying access to your own digital identity.

Thanks to our allies in the realm of decentralized data, we can overcome the issues of data verifiability, monopolization, and proliferation. Empowered by these tools, data can evolve into not only being plentiful, but also trustworthy and accessible to all.

Similarly, advancements in decentralized finance illuminate the path toward building cryptoeconomic systems that stimulate mutually beneficial behaviors, fostering a culture of equitable productivity and collaboration.

And underpinning all these capabilities is the transformative power of blockchain technology, providing an objective trust layer that allows the aforementioned technologies to be open, permissionless, censorship-resistant, and community-owned.

Intuition: The Attestation Hyperstructure

At Intuition, we are assembling these innovative pieces into a coherent and empowering solution that enhances decision-making in our everyday lives through the wisdom of the crowds. We are not building in a vacuum, nor competing with those who have come before; rather, we're standing on the shoulders of technological giants, leveraging the remarkable tools they've developed to refine our intuitive capabilities and usher in a future where each decision we make is empowered, secure, and truly reflective of our individual needs and aspirations.

Intuition is a composition of these identity, data, and finance primitives into the production of an open, decentralized, permissionless, semantic knowledge graph. The unique structure accommodates both objective and subjective truths, paired with tailored tools and interfaces for users to effectively curate and navigate the data.

The Intuition stack is composed of three distinct layers, each playing a pivotal role in the formation of the Intuition ecosystem and designed with interoperability and composability in mind.

  • The Protocol: Serving as the foundation, the protocol comprises the Intuition knowledge graph and the rules of engagement in the Intuition 'game.' These rules uphold the integrity of the graph, ensuring a reliable, fair, and engaging platform for users to interact and contribute.

  • The Middleware: The middleware is the bridge that enables developers to build effortlessly atop the protocol. It augments the foundational structure with additional non-fundamental rules and logic, thereby expanding its utility and adaptability.

  • The Application(s): The applications are the user-facing interfaces that facilitate the reading from, and posting to, the knowledge graph. Designed for usability and effectiveness, they serve as the tangible manifestation of our vision, providing users with a seamless and empowering experience.

Our ultimate goal at Intuition is to evolve into a seamless backend that powers enriching social features and functionalities across the web. We envision an ecosystem of applications interconnected by a shared pool of verifiable data – a digital reservoir of knowledge accessible to all, fostering a global network of informed, empowered, and intuitive decision-makers.

The Intuitive Approach

Intuition achieves this vision by empowering individuals with more than just an influx of data. We hand the reins of sovereignty back to the user, operating on the conviction that freedom of choice should not be an exception, but a rule. We hold fast to the belief that the choice of trust—be it in the voice of an individual or the logic of a specific developer's algorithm—should lie squarely in the user's hands. It is essential that people aren't funneled into a single, opinionated interpretation of data, but rather, have the liberty to explore, pick, and choose.

Because the world does not subscribe to binary logic. It isn’t composed of simplistic cases of true or false; of right or wrong. The truth cannot [yet] be codified. It is a complex tapestry of nuanced shades of gray. Understanding your truth in this kaleidoscope of realities involves embracing your agency and making informed decisions for yourself. Intuition provides the tools and platform for you to do just that; enabling you to navigate the uncertainty with confidence, and shape your own narrative in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Unopinionated Incentives

In order to realize this vision, Intuition employs a novel suite of incentive mechanics that encourage individuals to make attestations, all while maintaining neutrality concerning judgments of right or wrong, or true or false. This approach enables Intuition to amass a comprehensive and inclusive understanding of crowd wisdom, crowd-sourcing knowledge about all things from all people (and machines), regardless of their backgrounds and affiliations.

P2P Claim Facilitation

Intuition’s dynamic toolset eliminates a majority of the friction associated with the act of making attestations, streamlining the creation of an "attestation" into an activity as intuitive as a simple mouse click. Concurrently, these tools allow developers to seamlessly integrate attestation infrastructure into their core stack, without the need to independently craft identity and data infrastructure or keep abreast with the latest advancements in the ever-evolving identity/data landscapes.

Model Marketplace

The flexibility of the middleware endows users with the power to select any voice(s) they wish to listen to when attempting to distill the signal from the noise. For example, users can decide to only view data created by a specific set of attestors they trust, or have their data filtered through an algorithm they’ve selected from a list of community-created and community-curated models. The openness of the Intuition ecosystem grants everyone the freedom to create and collaborate on cutting-edge models and analytics, amalgamating and distilling information from a plethora of contexts, and giving users the latitude to select the models that most align with their specific needs.

Perhaps one gravitates towards an Amazon model when browsing products, while turning to the Rotten Tomatoes model for film reviews; another may lean towards Yelp’s model for restaurants, and TripAdvisor for accommodation. By doing away with the imposition of a singular, biased worldview, users are emancipated from the restrictive boundaries of an echo chamber dictated and curated by an invisible hand.

The Possibilities

Envision a world where your voice carries inherent value, irrespective of the size of your audience; where the revenue from the data you generate flows directly into your pocket, bypassing incumbent platforms, without the necessity of being an "influencer."

And through this, the data of your trust graph is made available to you - without needing to talk to your friends or listen to your favorite podcast - as correct incentive alignment encourages the voices you want to hear to make verifiable claims about things.

A world where your trust graph accompanies you everywhere you go, presenting the viewpoints of those whose opinions you value most - allowing you to sift through data on platforms such as Amazon and Yelp, zeroing in on voices that resonate with your perspective.

A world where the tedium of creating new accounts for every service is obsolete. Instead, your exceptional Uber rating becomes your passport to book an Airbnb, or your robust Twitter following and Reddit karma serve as credentials for an under-collateralized loan.

And this is just the beginning.

Pseudonymous quadratic freelancer marketplaces, peer-to-peer credit scores, DAO voting systems rooted in reputation…

Multi-contextual-reputation-based social feeds, incentivized crowdsourced content attribution, meme markets

Cross-application content curation, publicly accessible content classification metadata, incentivized data labeling…

The list goes on.

Get Involved

We are playing in an infinite garden. And so, just as we want to provide you with intuitive agency, we also invite you with the agency to join us in our mission. Hop in, say hello, and come build the future with us. As our entire goal is to crowdsource knowledge, we quite literally cannot do this alone.

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