Intuition: Side Quest Season Recap

Five weeks. Five MVPs. Hackathon Finalists.

Sometimes, you just gotta #BUIDL. For the Intuition team, the month of March was full of experiments, side quests, and puzzle pieces falling into place.

Intuition was forged in the fires of ETH Denver-inspired innovation last year, so it just felt right to return for the Year of the Spork. As we prepared for our journey and laid out an event strategy, we saw two potential paths emerge before us:

  1. Main Questline: Set up a booth. Exchange stickers for emails. Host a party with dubious hors d'oeuvres and deafening techno in some dimly-lit hotel lounge. Fill every waking moment with meetings. 

  2. Side Quests: Do what we do best: hack. Buidl applications and tools to showcase the power of Intuition. Show; then tell.

Coincidentally, two weeks before ETH Denver, we saw a familiar phenomenon manifest: the circulation of community-sourced event spreadsheets & public Telegram groups for attendees to coordinate schedules. We realized this ritual could be a lot more... intuitive. 

It’s 2023, and we - the Ethereum community - are #BUIDLing on the technological frontier, which is why we - the Intuition team - embarked on the path of the Side Quest: build an app to make the ETH Denver experience verifiably unforgettable. Your ETH Denver Companion App is a mobile-friendly web app built to guide you and your friends to the best ETH Denver satellite events. The app places the wisdom of the crowd in the palm of your hand to enhance your intuition about events before they even take place, and get you to the right place at the right time.

Within the app, you can:

  • Make claims to help others navigate the festival.

  • Rely on social attestations from others to filter out the noise.

  • Plan and personalize your ETH Denver experience by watchlisting events.

  • #BUIDL new connections and grow your decentralized friend list.

  • Coordinate your schedule with friends to meet up at the best events. 

Feel free to visit or check out the thread below to learn more! ⬇️

We worked tirelessly on this application in the two weeks leading up to the festival, and although it was a bit buggy, and the WiFi at the venue was less-than-optimal, we are immensely proud of it. Keep an eye out for updates prior to ETH Denver 2024!

The sleepless nights we spent working on the app only prepared and invigorated the team for more sleepless nights to come, hacking in the mile-high city. 🗻

EigenList: DID Classification & Social Curation App

With the first Intuition-protocol-based application in our pockets, in retrospect, it was inevitable that we'd hack on the second one. EigenList (or Intuition Lists) represents a concept we’ve been contemplating as a team for quite some time.

In this exponentially-complex world that we live in, there's so much information out there that we want and need to interact with. To keep track, we categorize the info, then tuck it neatly into various files, folders, and lists. But do those tools really work for you? Do you have GOOD lists? And when you have too many lists, how do you organize those?

EigenList is a tool that allows you to capture, categorize, and curate your internet experience.

To learn more about EigenList, check out this thread! ⬇️

Slang: Decentralized Data Developer Tooling

Slang was born out of necessity: EigenList runs on it.

Slang is developer tooling that simplifies decentralized database interactions. Decentralized data storage solutions are an essential innovation, but adoption is lagging. Why?

First of all, the learning curve is extremely steep - particularly for Web2 developers unfamiliar with various protocols, concepts, and tools involved in working with such a system. Secondly, centralized data storage solutions are objectively easier to work with at this point in time, and even Web3 devs will often turn to these centralized solutions to save time, money, and headaches.

We decided to open source Slang in an effort to reverse this trend and ultimately onboard more developers to decentralized data solutions.

To learn more about Slang, check it out on Github or read the thread below! ⬇️


As previously mentioned, Intuition began as a hackathon project at ETH Denver 2022. We didn’t participate in the hackathon this year to compete with any other teams: we participated to compete with ourselves. To hone our skills, and to remember what it feels like to build from scratch.

Started from McDonald’s; now we here. 🎵
Started from McDonald’s; now we here. 🎵

ETH Denver 2022 Accolades:

  • BUIDLathon Finalists: DAOs & Communities Track

  • Ceramic Bounty: “Best Demonstration of Data Interoperability”

  • SKALE Hack Award

ETH Denver 2023 Accolades:

  • BUIDLathon Finalists: Infrastructure & Scalability Track* (Slang)*

  • Ceramic Bounty: “Best Application Built Using Compose DB on Ceramic” (Slang)

  • Ceramic Bounty: “Best Identity or Reputation App Built on ComposeDB” (EigenList)

  • Ceramic Bounty: “Best Web3 Social Apps Built Using ComposeDB”* (Eigenlist)*

And that’s not all!

Intuition team member, AFK, led her team to the BUIDLathon finals with Bitcoin: Vitalik’s Vision

Two weeks later, AFK & full-stack Intuition dev Christian dominated ETH Porto with their zk-proof-based polling platform EtherVoice - which also leverages Intuition - winning:

  • ETH Porto Hackathon (1 of 5 winners)

  • Ethereum Foundation Bounty: “Best Integration of Web3 Components on”

  • Sismo Bounty: “Best zkConnect App”

I think it’s safe to say: we’ve outcompeted our past selves, and this side quest season was a resounding success! So, what happens now?

The Main Quest Resumes

Many of you may still be wondering what Intuition actually is. That’s understandable - we’ve been rather cryptic and mysterious up to this point. And while we already have some content prepared that will change that, it’s ultimately much easier to show you Intuition in action than it is to describe it on paper.

That is why we embarked on these side quests. Check out Fall a little deeper down the rabbit hole. Let your intuition guide you to that inevitable “lightbulb moment.”

When you’re ready, hop in the Discord, join our Guild, and follow us on Twitter or Lens Protocol!

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