Endstate Announces $5.5MM Seed Round
Endstate Seed Round Investors
Endstate Seed Round Investors

The name “Endstate” reflects our belief that the end state of product ownership will be achieved when all physical objects of value have a digital counterpart. Endstate will lead the evolution from a “single-state” world to an entangled world. In our view, items that exist in only one dimension are as primitive as the telegraph or a car you have to crank to start.

Starting with sneakers, we combine NFTs with proprietary technology to definitively link physical products to digital assets. And we’re not going to the Endstate alone. We’re collaborating with athletes, artists, creators, and brands to bring their stories to life by uniting the physical, the digital and the experiential. With every collaboration we’re building towards a future where physical and digital are completely entangled.

Changing product ownership forever means that we cannot stop at sneakers. Working to grow Endstate into a boundary-defying brand means building out expansive experiences in 3D, AR, apparel, and collectibles of all kinds.

Today, we’re proud to announce $5.5 million in funding from a world class group of institutional and angel investors who share our ambition to usher in the future of product ownership:

Archetype Ventures: top-shelf credentials and huge network in the crypto space, we couldn’t have asked for a better lead.

Accomplice Ventures: track record speaks for itself - the ultimate resource as we work to grow Endstate into a global brand.

Castle Island Ventures: some of the most outspoken advocates and greatest thinkers in the crypto space. As a Boston-based, web3-native company, we had to have them in our round.

Road Capital: early bitcoin advocates, legendary investors and operators with far-reaching connections.

CMS Holdings: supported us since the beginning. Not just the best follow on crypto twitter, the CMS team are the people you want in your foxhole.

Permit Ventures: two decades of investing experience and the best sneaker collection on our cap table.

John Capodilupo: world class founder, engineer, and technologist leading the field of health tech and wearables, helping us navigate the intersection of physical and digital.

Antonio Bertone & Alex Drane: unmatched creative talent. Created and led global brands at the bleeding edge of fashion and apparel.

Jerod Mayo: investor, businessman, and Super Bowl champion with a legendary work ethic (will also help raise the team’s average bench press).

Will Ahmed: founded and scaled one of the most innovative tech companies in the world. An invaluable resource on all things business, performance, and culture.

Peter Bell: decades of operational and investing experience at the early stage. Mentor extraordinaire.

Eric Golden: investor, founder, Ape holder, and host of the most informative web3 podcast going.

Raising this seed round will help us reach the Endstate sooner -- accelerating our product development and innovation roadmaps, and allowing us to continue to hire world-class talent.

Endstate Drop 0 Colorways
Endstate Drop 0 Colorways

Endstate was founded by Bennett Collen and Stephanie Howard out of a lifelong passion for sneakers and a deep understanding of the power of blockchain technology, specifically NFTs.  Bennett is the former founder/CEO of Cognate, which was acquired by GoDaddy in 2018 for its pioneering use of smart contracts/NFTs to represent trademark rights, and Stephanie is a legendary designer known for her work at Nike, New Balance, and Reebok, including one of her most notable designs - the New Balance 850.

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