Pre-Launch guide: Trade Notcoin futures before its launch

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Disclaimer: Dear readers, this article is intended to provide you with information, but is not a recommendation for financial transactions. We strongly recommend that you consider your risk management and make trading decisions consciously and according to your capabilities and goals. Trading pre-launch Notcoin futures is not trading Notcoin itself, please keep this in mind before using the platform and making trades.

Hi everyone, in this article we will explain what Notcoin Pre-launch futures are and how Storm will help you to trade futures on Notcoin before it officially appears on the crypto market. Let's go!

📰 A moment of history

Since ancient times (yes, as far back as 2018), there has been an OTC (over the counter) market for trading tokens that have not yet been added to exchanges. Such markets exist and are still popular today. Avid crypto-enthusiasts searched for token allocations on various forums, managing to buy third-party accounts, believing in the bright future of the acquired assets.

The main disadvantages of this method were the honesty and integrity of the sellers, as well as unconfirmed terms of the future project. The project could change its mind about listing the token on the exchange, or the price of the token was very different from what was assumed by the OTC buyers.

Due to this uncertainty, new types of markets began to emerge, allowing to trade tokens at the moment of there is no token on market, and such markets became known as Pre-Launch!

This innovative offering gives traders the opportunity to participate in futures trading for future tokens that have yet to officially launch, leveling the playing field and providing access to highly anticipated assets.

🪙 Token or not token?

An important point to start with, Pre-launch trading is not trading in tokens, but in token futures*. The Pre-Launch market allows you to presume on where the price will go from the OTC price - whether it will rise or fall is up to the market participants to decide.

*Futures are financial contracts in which assets are not traded, instead the parties only agree on the buy and sell price of the asset.

💎 Pre-launch Notcoin futures. Full guide

1️⃣ TON, NOT. What to trade in?

So, let's get started. First, let's understand the name of the pair - 1mNOT-F/TON:

  • 1m means that trading will be done in lots of 1m Notcoin Futures;

  • NOT-F - Notcoin Futures is the name of the asset to be traded;

  • TON - position collateral token.

To trade in the 1mNOT-F/TON pair, you will need TON tokens. They will be used as collateral for your position, as well as payment of exchange fees.

2️⃣ Long or Short?

If you believe that the price of Notcoin will go above the current market price on the Storm Trade after listing on the exchanges, you choose Long. If you believe that the price of Notcoin will fall below the current market price on the Storm Trade after listing on spot exchanges, you open Short.

Pay attention to the current Market Price. It is volatile and can change, affecting trading results and your open positions.

3️⃣ Market or Limit?

A Market order allows you to open a Long or Short position at the current market price, here and now.

A Limit order helps you choose the best entry point for the position. But keep in mind that the price can be unpredictable because it is determined by traders in real time.

Stop orders are orders that allow you to open a position at the current market price (Stop Market) or at the Limit price (Stop Limit) when the price specified in the Stop field is reached.

4️⃣ Leverage

Leverage is a tool that helps you maximize your trading volume. By choosing x3 leverage, you are maximizing your capital, but be careful, trading with leverage involves risks, such as losing part of a position or liquidating it.

5️⃣ Stop Loss and Take Profit

These beauties help you to secure your open position. Stop Loss is set when you want to limit the losses of a position when they reach certain values (-15, -25, -50%).

Take Profit allows you to automatically close a position when you reach a certain profit, be it +25, +50, +100 or even +300%.

📲 Trading parameters

Starting price

The starting price of futures of one million Notcoin and is 0.5 TON/ 1 million Notcoin.

Trading opening date

Bidding opens at exactly 00:00 on the timer counter, i.e. February 15 at 14:00 Moscow time or February 15 at 11 am UTC.

Trading closing date

Trading closes at the moment the Notcoin token is listed on any spot exchange. All operations on current positions become unavailable.

Calculation of P&L after the close of trading

The market price of Notcoin token is tracked for a week starting from the first transaction after listing on any of the exchanges. After 7 days, the average price of the token is formed, which will be the settlement price of the asset. Traders' P&L will be calculated according to their positions at the end of trading.

All Long positions, the entry point of which is above the settlement price, and Short positions, the entry point of which is below the settlement price, lose part of their collateral in proportion to the percentage of price deviation multiplied by the leverage of the position. A profit pool is formed.

All Long positions whose entry point is below the settlement price and Short positions whose entry point is above the settlement price receive the entire collateral of their position, as well as a part of the profit pool calculated in proportion to the volume of the position and the entry price.

If in 3 months after the start of trading the token of the Notcoin project is not added to the spot exchanges, or it becomes known that the token issue has been canceled, trading will be closed and the current price formed on the Pre-Launch pair will be considered as the settlement price of the asset, and the P&L of traders will be calculated according to it.

Disbursement of funds

Payouts of P&L of traders will occur 7 days after the settlement price is determined.

Insurance Fund

All trades in 1mNOTF/TON pair will be charged a fee of 1% of the trading volume. Funding and Rollover will not be charged. Half of all collected fees are sent to the insurance fund. When calculating P&L, the insurance fund is used to cover losses in case individual traders' losses exceed their margin obligations.

That's basically all you need to know to start trading! But remember that trading with leverage involves risks. Trade with the funds you are comfortable with and follow risk management. Storm Trade is a trading tool to get started, but the trading strategy is formed by you yourself!

Follow the timer before the start at 1mNOT-F/TON Trading Pair.

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