Storm Trade - new gem on TON? 🚀

Hi all! In this article we will tell you why the TON lacked a leveraged trading platform, and why Storm aims to be the new gem of the ecosystem. Let's fly!

Despite the fact that the TON ecosystem has been around for more than 5 years, it still holds a lot of untapped potential. This is due to the fact that for a long time TON was in a passive state without proper attention. However, in recent years, the situation has changed, and the ecosystem began to actively develop, attracting investment and contributing to the opening of a mass of new projects.

After taking part in the hackathon and looking at all the potential, we saw an opportunity to create a project that could revolutionize the world of TON. This is how Storm was born!

What is Storm? ⚡️

Storm Trade is an exchange for trading futures on anything. When we say anything, we are not exaggerating, literally anything that has price and liquidity within the market. First, let's turn to the features of Storm, and understand why not only TON, but the market as a whole, needs such a product.

Storm is:

  • Leverage trading from x1 to x100, allowing you to make 100 times more profit than the deposited funds;

  • Variety of trading assests;

  • Possibility to open not only long, but also short positions;

  • Reduction of risks from spot trade, using various strategies;

  • Arbitrage between the ecosystem platforms;

  • Security and transparency of smart contracts;

  • Open platform for creating your own trading or arbitrage bots.

In recent years, futures trading has been gaining momentum. For example, on Binance, the daily trading volume in pairs to BTC is 100.8 billion USD for spot trade and 1095.4 billion USD for futures, which is almost 10 times more. This tells us that the global market needs futures trading protocols.

Why are futures cool? 📈

  • No need to buy and sell a real asset;

  • You can make money not only on the rise, but also on the fall of the market;

  • Low fees compared to spot trading exchanges;

  • Possibility to fix profit and limit loss by Stop Loss and Take Profit;

  • Ability to short any asset when the price falls, while keeping it in your wallet and reducing losses.

Open network - open community 🤲

TON or literally "open network" is now somewhat closed. Only a few (relatively large networks) users know about it, the so-called crypto-geeks who learn new things and believe in the bright future of blockchain. Some treat TON as a non-serious ecosystem, while others write it off completely. We're here to change that, so let's make TON really open!

How do we plan to do that?

⚡️ Marketing documents (White Paper, RoadMap, Tokenomics, etc.)

🤝 Strategic partnerships (TON Foundation, Tonstarter, etc.)

🏆 Community events, including contests (Galxe, Zealy, Twitter and Telegram)

📈 Testnet and Mainnet launches (increasing bidding volume and interest)

💎 Influencer search and collaboration (no spoilers yet)

💰 Applying for grants and investments

Storm + TON = 🚀

Since you've already guessed that Storm is aiming to be a forward of user engagement of the ecosystem, become our early adopters and join in testing the platform!

⚡️ Testnet guide | Community | Twitter ⚡️

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