Meet Storm - the first leveraged trading platform on TON ⚡️

Storm Trade - DEX for Everyone 🤝

Storm Trade is a decentralized leveraged trading market based on dynamic AMM and allows you to trade all possible assets - Cryptocurrencies, Stock, Forex, Commodities (oil, gas and even wheat). Anything with a price can be added for trading on Storm!

Thanks to the advanced concept of virtual dynamic AMM (Automatic Market Maker), Storm does not need to own any real assets, which opens limitless possibilities in the trading world. It is enough for an asset to have a market price and liquidity, so that this price changes over time. It is this simple chain "price - transmitter (oracle) - user " that lies at the heart of Storm protocol. Having such a tool in the TON ecosystem will be potentially useful for risk allocation, arbitrage and quality trading.

What's the innovation? ⚡️

The missing DeFi puzzle

As one of the top 15 largest protocols by Market Cap, the TON ecosystem needs an important tool that will allow users to trade with leverage and open short positions. With the advent of the Storm protocol, the pieces of DeFi on TON will come together to form a complete, multi-faceted ecosystem.

Using fully decentralized, robust and contactless technologies such as virtual AMM and TWA (Telegram Web App), Storm allows users to create long or short positions in markets that are outside the TON ecosystem. Going beyond traditional cryptocurrencies, trading on Storm helps traders and investors radically diversify their portfolios, which is especially important during bear market periods.

Trading right in your Telegram

Thanks to the emergence of TWA (Telegram Web App) technology, trading is able to reach a new level of user comfort. Imagine chatting with friends while opening long or short positions without leaving your Telegram. Can you imagine? It will be available when Storm arrives.

TWA lets you avoid lengthy verification of a mobile app from the App Store or Play Market, while becoming an affordable option within one of the most popular messengers.

Notifications directly in the Telegram messenger will help the user keep their positions under control, informing the trader of the trades taking place and the status of their balance. Among other things, it opens up possibilities for creating new notification services, trading bots or bots with user balance tracking for absolutely any developer.

Simplified interface and Pro mode

The goal of Storm Trade is to create the most user-friendly interface of the application combined with the most technologically advanced for traders. If you are tired of overloaded with information exchanges, the simplified interface will be to your liking. If, on the contrary, you want to immerse yourself in charts and indicators research, the Pro Mode will be your best partner. Smooth and elegance, nothing superfluous. That's what we strive for.

Storm Trade Launch Roadmap 🚀

Stage I: Formation (Aug '23)

🐣 Early Birds Program;

💼 Community bot, partial liquidations, and limit orders;

📚 Knowledge base about order types and liquidity provision. 👇

Stage II: Inspection (Sep '23)

🔒 Smart contracts audit;

🤝 Multitier tokenized referral program;

⭐️ Genesis NFTs. 👇

Stage III: Becoming (Oct '23)

💹 Mainnet v1 launch – real trading begins;

🎁 Testnet and Early Birds program rewards;

🔗 Seamless trading with bot deep-link integration. 👇

Stage IV: Existence (Nov '23)

💎 Token Generation Event (TGE).

🌐 Mainnet v2 Evolution – more trading pairs!

🏆 NFT achievements and trading tournaments.

To summarize, Storm aims to become a powerful decentralized derivatives trading platform with multiple features, different trading modes, a clear interface and no KYC.

With a simple onboarding mechanism combined with the availability of popular assets and integration directly into Telegram, the Storm protocol will be a great driver for attracting new users to the TON ecosystem.

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