Meet Market Makers: 5555 unique NFTs by Storm Trade

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We're bringing you an epic NFT collection that will change the way NFT collections are approached on TON and usher in a new milestone for Storm Trade!

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Meet Market Makers - a collection of 5,555 unique, collectible 3D NFT user profiles on the TON network that will be distributed to traders, early adopters and active members of the crypto community. We look forward to each character finding its owner, and the entire collection will help grow and develop our incredible community!

💎 Unique and made with love

Every item in the collection is hand drawn by the artists. No AI networks, just talent and a unique approach to creation. The collection features 3D characters - a bull, a bear and a bird, reflecting the mood of the market.

Bulls and bears represent traders in a perpetual battle for market supremacy. Storm Petrel represents investors and holders, manoeuvring nobly through the storm of market volatility.

⚙️ Utility

We are releasing Market Makers in anticipation of the TGE (token generation event) of the $STORM token, where each NFT will be a unique whitelist to buy the token. For all Market Makers, a token purchase amount will be allocated, which will guarantee the owner will be able to purchase the token at the lowest starting price.

Owning NFTs will allow them to be used as User Profiles (PFP) on Storm Trade, making your profile stand out and truly exceptional.

Additionally, every user holding NFTs will have the opportunity to reduce trading commissions on and get into the top leagues of trading competitions, where NFTs will act as a ticket to move to the next league.

All NFT holders will be invited into the VIP holders community, liaising with all NFT holders and the Storm Trade team.

Market Makers will have more uses in the future, providing even more amazing opportunities for our diverse community!

🤲 Distribution

5555 Market Makers will be distributed exclusively to user addresses. The community collection will not be available for initial purchase, and distribution will be in 2 stages: initial and permanent. It means that Market Makers will appear on marketplaces only after the first stage is over and after allocation from holders who received NFT for active actions on the exchange.

1️⃣ Initial Allocation

1000 Market Makers allocated to the initial distribution stage. There will be a total of 4 tiers in the initial distribution:

  • 350 Market Makers will go into a reward for the top RP holders of the protocol. This is a reward for early adopters of our product, for belivers, traders and liquidity providers.

  • 50 Market Makers will go to the top testnet participants who helped us build a balanced product and shared feedback at the earliest stage.

  • 200 Market Makers will be allocated to the TGE campaign of the STORM token, and will be distributed to all participants who sign up for the whitelist programme.

  • 150 Market Makers will be distributed to the winners of daily tournaments in the amount of 3 NFT per day.

  • 250 Market Makers allotted for marketing activities, community activities and collaborations with other projects in the ecosystem.

Take the chance to get a unique NFT at an early stage, be active in the community and on the exchange, participate in contests, trade and top the leaderboards - this is the right and only way to get rewarded!

2️⃣ Permanent Allocation

After the initial distribution ends, the next 4,555 Market Makers will be distributed over the next few years to trade tournament winners, active community members, users and product ambassadors as rewards.

🚀 The long-awaited TGE of the $STORM token

You've been asking about it, and we're finally ready to shed some light on next month's main event!

The TGE (token generation event) of the $STORM token is a long-awaited and joyous event that will take place as early as summer, 2024. 30% of protocol fees, smooth unlocking, smart tokenomics - these are just some of the benefits of the future token.

The launch and sale of the token will take place as follows:

1️⃣ The sales launch will start simultaneously on several lunchpads - inside and outside the TON ecosystem. We will introduce each of the Lunchpad parners in our news channel.

2️⃣ The first to buy the token will be the owners of whitelists (Market Makers) at the lowest starting price.

3️⃣ After the pre-sale for WL holders is over, a public sale will start, where everyone will be able to buy the token.

🌖 To the moon with Storm Trade

Today we present you not just a collection, we present you a decentralised world, each character of which has unique abilities.

The $STORM token whitelists will be the first powerful utility of the collection!

Participate in the distribution of the whitelists, buy NFTs or win them in our activities, and get the opportunity to buy the token at the best price in a number of the first investors!

Who rules the market today? 📈

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