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Hi all! We receive a lot of questions about how the referral program on Storm Trade works, what are the conditions for invited and inviting users, and why referral NFTs are needed. This article is intended to help you understand this topic. Enjoy reading. With care, your Storm team!

🤔 What is a referral program?

A referral program is a reward system for inviting new users, which provides motivation for the inviting (referrers) and invited (referrals) parties.

Standard conditions of the Storm Trade referral program include a 5% discount on fee payments for invited users and a 10% credit on referral fees spent for inviting users.

In addition, referrers receive 10% of all Reward Points of invited referrals.

In addition to standard conditions, Storm Trade offers exclusive conditions* for community owners on social networks who want to share a referral link with their communities. Such conditions include an increased percentage of income and an increased discount on fees when trading on Storm Trade.

*Exclusive conditions are discussed separately from general ones in private messages with

💎 NFT as an evolution of the referral program

Typically, a referral program includes a special link that is given to referrals to connect to the platform. But Storm went further and reinvented the concept of a referral program.

In fact, Storm offered a unique solution for users by linking a referral link and an NFT token. So, thanks to this solution, all referrals, following the link, are tied to the referrer’s NFT and generate his income. The referrer's profit can be withdrawn at any convenient time.

Now let’s discuss what makes it unique. NFT along with accumulated referrals can be put up on marketplaces. In fact, you are watching your income take physical form. Set whatever price you think is reasonable and put the NFT up for sale. Along with the sale of the NFT, the buyer will receive your referral link, as well as all referrals associated with the NFT and the income generated by them.

💰 Bonus rewards for referral trading volume

We also offer a bonus program to reward our members for being active and successfully attracting new users. The program includes both one-time and monthly payments, providing additional opportunities to increase your income.

One-time payments are bonuses that are issued for achieving a certain trading volume by your referrals:

100,000 USD = 5 jUSDT

300,000 USD = 15 jUSDT

500,000 USD = 20 jUSDT

1,000,000 USD = 40 jUSDT

Monthly payments are issued when your referrals reach a monthly trading volume:

500,000 USD = 20 jUSDT

1,000,000 USD = 40 jUSDT

3,000,000 USD = 100 jUSDT

7,500,000 USD = 200 jUSDT

15,000,000 USD = 400 jUSDT

30,000,000 USD = 800 jUSDT

75,000,000 USD = 1500 jUSDT

To receive a unique referral link, a trader needs to generate (mint) an NFT to which this link will be attached. The sequence of steps is as follows:

  • Go to the Referral tab

  • Click the "GENERATE NFT" button

  • Sign the transaction in the wallet

  • Refresh the page

  • Done, you now have a unique referral NFT in your wallet

👾 What is contained in the Referral Program block?

  • Total referrals - contains the total number of referrals

  • Reward points - contains the number of rewards earned. Accruals are made in the amount of 10% of the Reward Points of your referrals. What are Reward Points and how to spend them?

  • Rewards earned - the amount of funds withdrawn to the wallet

  • Available Claim - the amount of funds available for withdrawal to the wallet

✔️ jUSDT/TON switch

The jUSDT/TON switch is designed to switch between accumulated funds in TON and jUSDT. These are the same NFTs, but the jUSDT and TON hallmarks come from different smart contracts, so you also need to hallmark them separately.

🖼️ NFT block

The NFT block contains the following fields:

  • Referrals - shows the number of referrals assigned to this NFT

  • Earned - shows the amount of funds withdrawn to the wallet

  • Claimable - shows the amount of funds available for withdrawal to the wallet

  • Browser referral link is required to register referrals through website on a PC or mobile browser

  • Telegram referral link is required for registration via Telegram App in Stormtrade bot

Copy any link, they both link to Storm and connect to your referral NFT.

✅ Claim button

  • If there are funds available for withdrawal to the wallet, the Claim button becomes active.

  • After withdrawing funds to your wallet, the Claim button becomes inactive.

  • Since referrals can trade in Coin-M and TON-M pairs, Claim is available in jUSDT and TON.

🫂 How to send an NFT to another user?

Referral NFTs are supported by all TON wallets and can therefore be sent to any existing user address. To transfer an NFT, go to your wallet, find your NFT, and send it to the other user's wallet address.

  • After sending to another user, the NFT no longer appears on the sender's page

  • Along with the NFT, referrals and links assigned to the NFT are transferred to the new owner

  • After sending an NFT, the sender has the opportunity to generate a new NFT

👀 How to see your referrals?

In order to see all the referrals who connected to your referral link, turn to the Your Referrals block:

  • Referral - contains the wallet addresses of all referrals connected via your link

  • Trader volume - contains the volume of funds earned by referrals, displayed in USD

  • Payment - contains the amount of funds earned by the referrer, displayed in USD

🐳 How to become a referrer and start earning money?

In order to become a referrer and invite people to the Storm Trade site, you must:

  • Generate NFT

  • Get referral links

  • Share links with referrals

  • Make sure that your referrals have made at least 1 trade on the Storm Trade exchange

❗️ Before performing any actions with a referral link, you need to make sure that before registering on Storm, not a single trading operation was carried out within Storm Trade on the referral’s wallet.

✅ Example of a correct registration script using a referral link:

  1. Follow the referral link

  2. Connect a new wallet with funds on your balance

  3. Open a position/order for any amount

  4. Check that when opening a position/order, the discount is displayed in green in the lower left corner of position creation

  5. Done, now the referral should be displayed on the referrer’s ref page

❌ Examples of an incorrect registration scenario using a referral link:

  • Follow the referral link, but do not open a position immediately

  • Follow the referral link, add liquidity, but do not open a position

  • Follow the referral link in one browser and open a position in another

  • Follow the referral link and make a trading operation using the wallet address that has previously traded on Storm

  • Follow the referral link to the browser version, and carry out the trading operation through the Telegram bot

✍️ Conclusion

Friends, we have considered all aspects of the referral program on Storm Trade. As you can see, there is nothing complicated here!

Keep this guide at hand, invite your friends and get profit with Storm Trade!

Thanks for reading. I hope you liked our article. Even more quality articles in our profile. Subscribe to our blog by clicking on the Subscribe button.

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