How to get jUSDT?

Hi everyone, in this article we are going to share with you ways to get jUSDT and use them in the TON ecosystem, and in particular use them to trade on Storm Trade!

Why jUSDT?

jUSDT is a wrapped stablecoin created for use within the TON network.

If you've tried trading on Storm Trade, you already know that it doesn't use real assets for trading, instead the user pledges a stablecoin and opens a position.

Theoretically, any asset can be used as collateral for a position, but due to volatility, trading with such collateral can be unpredictable and can result in hours of additional calculations for traders and complex development for the platform.

jUSDT is relatively new to TON, and so it's likely that even some of the ecosystem's olds haven't figured out how to get it and where to use it. The Storm team is here to help with that!

The 3 main ways to get jUSDT

1️⃣ Within the TON network

This method is suitable for those who already have funds in the TON network.

At the time of writing, the main exchange is carried out in DeFi protocols and Let's look at the steps to make an exchange using the DeFi protocol as the most liquid protocol for exchange 👇

  1. Go to;

  2. Connect your wallet in the TON network;

  3. Specify in the You sell field the amount of TON you want to exchange or in the You receive field the amount of USDT you want to receive;

  4. Click the Swap button;

  5. In the Confirm swap window that pops up, make sure that the specified values are correct and click the Confirm swap button;

  6. Sign the transaction in the wallet;

  7. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed in the TON network. After that jUSDT tokens will be added to your address.

2️⃣ ETH (USDT) → TON (jUSDT)

This scenario is relevant for those who have funds in the Ethereum network.

In order to transfer USDT from the Ethereum network to jUSDT of the TON network, we need a bridge

📌 Ethereum Commission (gas) ~ 0.0017 ETH

📌 Bridge commission - 1 TON

To carry out token sending, you can use the official BridgeTon instructions: or follow the steps below 👇

  1. Go to the bridge page and connect your two wallets on the Ethereum and TON networks;

  2. Select Ethereum Network as the sending network and The Open Network as the receiving network;

  3. Select Asset - USDT and in the Amount USDT field enter the amount you want to transfer;

  4. Specify in the Destination address in TON network field the address of your wallet in the TON network;

  5. Click Approve button and confirm the amount of USDT you specified in the Amount field in your wallet. Wait for the Ethereum network to confirm and the Transfer button to appear;

  6. Click the Transfer button and sign the transaction. Do not close the window and wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the Ethereum network (65 blocks);

  7. Click on the Get USDT button and pay 1 TON in your wallet extension pop-up window;

  8. Wait for the transaction confirmation. The tokens will be automatically sent to your address on the TON network with the ticker jUSDT.

3️⃣ Bank card/ P2P market → TON → jUSDT

This scenario is suitable for those who want to buy jUSDT directly from a bank card.

First, we will need to buy TON using a card or P2P Marketplace. After that, exchange TON for jUSDT.

The most convenient way to buy TON is via the @wallet wallet built into Telegram. If you don't have a wallet yet, you can start one here

There are several ways to fund your @wallet using fiat currencies. Please refer to the instructions below 👇

  1. Use the most convenient option to purchase TON token on the official page;

  2. Once the TON tokens are on your @wallet, click on them and use the Send function;

  3. In the Choose how to send Toncoin window, select the External Wallet option;

  4. Enter your wallet address and click CONTINUE;

  5. Enter the amount of TON you wish to transfer and click on SEND;

  6. On the confirmation page that opens, make sure that all data is correct and click CONFIRM AND SEND;

  7. Once the transaction is completed, the TON tokens will be in your TON network wallet;

  8. Following Basic Scenario #1, exchange the TON tokens to jUSDT.

Using jUSDT on Storm Trade

Storm Trade is a decentralised futures exchange that uses a virtual automated market maker. Powerful oracles from the Pyth Network aggregate data from major spot exchanges and send it to Storm. Thus, Storm does not need real assets to trade, only their price and liquidity in the jUSDT token. This mechanics allows to have a variety of trading pairs on Storm, and add markets that are not tied to the cryptocurrency world.

There are two ways to use the jUSDT token in the Storm protocol - trading and providing liquidity.

Let's look at the inner workings a little more closely. In order for trading to be successful and for more and more trading pairs to be added for trading on Storm, liquidity reserves in the jUSDT token are needed.

1️⃣ The mechanics of the protocol are simple. To begin with, liquidity is accumulated in a special protected storage. It is necessary for traders to use leverage and increase potential profits. Liquidity is collected and stored only in jUSDT, as we said above that all trades are conducted using only one asset.

2️⃣ The protocol then uses the collected liquidity to increase the open interest of trading pairs and add new markets for trading. The process of expanding open interest is done carefully and follows the rule of not using all the liquidity provided. In this way, providers are protected from severe sudden losses if all traders start trading in the plus side at once.

3️⃣ In return for using the funds in trading, liquidity providers receive a range of rewards, from 70% protocol commissions to liquidation penalties and negative PnL of traders.

For more on the mechanics of pricing and vAMM, see our article.

More info about jUSDT

❗️ contract address of jUSDT in the TON network: EQBynBO23ywHy_CgarY9NK9FTz0yDsG82PtcbSTQgGoXwiuA

❗️ jUSDT on coingecko:

We hope you found this article useful. Read more information about Storm Trade, join our community and trade with comfort and pleasure!

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