Eye of the Storm | Mainnet rewards program

Welcome! You are very lucky, because you are at the very beginning of the birth of Storm both within the TON ecosystem and in the DeFi world as a whole. In this article, we will open the doors of Storm Trade Mainnet for you, tell you what the value of the Eye of the Storm is to you, our users, and why you should consider buying a Storm token now.

What is Storm? ⚡️

Storm Trade is a next-generation DEX that allows users to trade any type of leveraged asset using the jUSDT stablecoin. Despite the familiar DEX description, Storm offers an entirely new experience within the TON ecosystem, combining all the benefits of futures exchanges:

  • Leverage from x1 to x100 will allow users to maximize profits from successful trades;

  • Trading directly from the Telegram bot provides mobility and compactness, always at your fingertips;

  • Non-custodial wallet leaves the user full control over their funds;

  • Powerful real-time oracles allow you to experience the ultimate trading experience by updating asset prices several times per second;

  • An advanced order system, including Limit, Stop Limit, Stop Loss and Take Profit right out of the box, helps users stay on top of risk management and manage their portfolio efficiently.

Storm token | first mover advantage 🏆

Let's get to the fun part. The STORM token is the real epicenter of the coming storm.

The token, like a good wine, must infuse and be opened in time. The Storm token is scheduled to launch in December-January. But don't despair, until the token is launched, all users will reward RP (reward points), which can be exchanged for a golden, shiny Storm token in the future. Imagine having a token in your pocket that hasn't been launched yet. You are an early investor!

With a total supply of 1m tokens, Storm becomes a truly unique token, providing its holders with a wealth of opportunities within the protocol.

Reward Points - for those who hold the future in their hands 💎

Reward Points are bonus points that will be earned by doing any activity on the Storm platform. Are you a trader, staker or whale? There's a place for everyone on Storm.

A huge number of testers participated in the Early Birds program, and we are grateful to you for helping to make Storm better by sharing ideas and bug reports. It's time for an even bigger effort with our partner Tonstarter. Greetings, Eye of the Storm!

Eye of the Storm is a major event in the TON ecosystem. As you like, the program is organized in a game form with the help of community bot. Complete tasks using the Storm exchange, get RP and exchange them for the coveted Storm token.

Eye of the Storm - doing missions, conquering the storm 🌊

The program tasks will be divided into 3 stages and will be suitable for absolutely all members of the community. Perform tasks and earn RP - the more the better!

1️⃣ Storm Social

Follow our social networks, invite your friends to complete tasks and earn 10% of the points of your invited companions! Sounds easy, doesn't it?

2️⃣ Storm Trader

Opened a position and closed it with a profit? That's a success!

Every 100 jUSDT of trading volume* gives you 1 reward point. More volume - more rewards!

Feel you can do more? Reach the required trading volume (taking into account the leverage) and get powerful one-time Achievements together with RP boost to the obtained rewards:

🐹 Hamster | Trading volume to get the Achievement: 1,000 jUSDT

🐊 Alligator | Trading volume to get the Achievement: 10,000 jUSDT

🦈 Shark | Trading volume to get the Achievement: 100,000 jUSDT

🦄 Unicorn | Trading volume to get the Achievement: 1,000,000 jUSDT

*Trading volume is the sum of your closed positions, whether they were profitable or not. If you opened a 100 jUSDT position using x10 leverage, your position size will be 1,000 jUSDT.

3️⃣ Storm Liquidity Provider

Do you want to feel like a co-owner of the protocol and get a bigger share of the trading commissions? Then this assignment is for you! Provide liquidity in jUSDT and get additional reward points.

Every 100 jUSDT provided for 24 hours will give you 1 reward point. Similarly, 50 jUSDT provided for 48 hours will also give you 1 reward point.

In addition, liquidity provided for more than 7 days will give you additional one-off achievements with reward boosts!

🪼 Jellyfish | Minimum jUSDT to get the Achievement: 100

🦐 Shrimp | Minimum jUSDT to get the Achievement: 1,000

🦀 Crab | Minimum jUSDT to get the Achievement:10,000

🐬 Dolphin | Minimum jUSDT to get the Achievement: 100,000

🐳 Whale | Minimum jUSDT to get the Achievement: 1,000,000

To provide tokens for liquidity, you must go to the Vaults tab and click the Provide button, entering the number of jUSDT you wish to provide. Note that the liquidity you donate will be used for trading.

Why providing liquidity is profitable? 🤑

Liquidity providers are our everything! They provide funds for traders to trade (using leverage doesn't go to waste, right?), and get literally MORE of the commissions collected by the protocol:

  • 70% of Storm's trading fees,

  • 70% of traders' paid fundraising,

  • the entire negative PnL of trades,

  • 35% of liquidation penalties,

  • additional rewards in the RP token.

How to get the most Reward Points? 🥇

The rewards for completing the levels will grow exponentially, are you ready?To maximize your points, keep 3 simple hints:

⭐️ Open and close at least 1 position. This is necessary to earn rewards.

⭐️ Participate in several activities at once. Even if you are not strong in trading, maybe it's time to try?

⭐️ Tell your friends about the Storm launch. Who better than friends to support us in new activities?

⭐️ After the Storm token TGE, reward points (RP) can be exchanged for Storm tokens!

Storm Mainnet. Coming extremely soon.

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