Earn Real Yield & Protocol Tokens: Join the $BITU Founding Minters Campaign!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the $BITU Founding Minters Campaign, a pivotal step in our journey towards enhancing liquidity and rewarding our dedicated community. With BitU Protocol recently achieving an impressive $19 million in Total Value Locked (TVL), we’re now focusing on bringing more $BITU stablecoin minters on board. This campaign offers unique opportunities for early adopters to shape the future of our protocol and be rewarded for their commitment.

Why Join the $BITU Founding Minters Campaign?

Being an early participant in the $BITU Founding Minters Campaign comes with several exclusive benefits:

  1. Exclusive Token Incentives
  • Early minters can have a share in the 40% community allocation of our future governance token. This program will only reward those who mint the first 100 million $BITU. The more you contribute, the more you earn!
  1. Show Your Commitment
  • Minters must commit to a minimum 4-month deposit on BitU Protocol, which will not only stabilize the platform but also deliver additional rewards. This commitment is a testament to the trust and support of our early adopters, who play a crucial role in our growth.
  1. Staking Yields, Not Just Promises!
  • By staking your minted $BITU, you will receive $sBITU and earn real yield from our staking vault. This is in addition to any appreciation of the price of Bitcoin, and future governance token rewards. Real yield adds another layer of reward, making your participation even more beneficial.

Joining the $BITU Founding Minters is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Apply for Whitelisting
  • Interested participants need to apply for whitelisting through this form.
  1. Supply Collateral
  • Once whitelisted, supply Bitcoin on BNB Chain or other supported collaterals to start minting $BITU. This process ensures that you are part of the exclusive group of founding minters.

Transparency and Community Commitment

At BitU Protocol, transparency is in our DNA. We believe in open communication and equitable opportunities for all our community members. While the $BITU Founding Minters Campaign is a limited-time campaign focused on early adopters who are eligible to mint $BITU, we want to assure our broader community that we’re equally committed to their participation and benefits. Commitment to Transparency and Community Inclusion For those who are not eligible to mint the $BITU stablecoin, we have exciting plans ahead. We are dedicated to allocating a portion of our governance tokens for community members who stay engaged and support our protocol. This commitment reflects our belief in a fair and inclusive growth strategy where the incentives are aligned between all the participants. Stay Tuned We encourage all our community members to stay tuned for more updates and opportunities. Whether you’re an early minter or a loyal supporter, there will be multiple ways to benefit from and contribute to the BitU Protocol’s growth and success.

To Wrap-Up

The $BITU Founding Minters Campaign is not just an incentive program; it’s a call to shape the future of BitU Protocol with us hand in hand. By participating, you are not only rewarded but also become a vital part of the BitU Protocol’s journey. Let’s work together to build a stable, transparent, and prosperous DeFi ecosystem. Join us today and be a part of this revolutionary movement.

Apply now to become a $BITU Founding Minter and secure your place in the history of BitU Protocol.

For more details and to apply, visit our website. And make sure you stay connected with us on Twitter & Discord for the latest updates and community discussions.

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