The DAO Story of FINE#8385

Hey! I am FINE & I am doing fine. I will be honest, I am no story teller but I want my story to be out there! Why? Because of the possibilities and opportunities that DAOs are offering right now for everyone. We are entering a new age, an age where age, color, caste, nationality, religion or nothing matters for earning or owning something. What you need is an internet connection and basic ideas about how these DAO things work to make a living, to build your empire or even To start a movement. Okay let's start.

I am an 18year old boy in India working part time for DAOs. What will make most of you interested is the fact that I can earn more than 400 dollars  for a couple of hours mainly because of my knowledge in this field and guys I am just getting started. I know the amount is no big deal but the way I am earning it is something all of you should care about! Why? There is no escape from new technology, when the internet came everyone had no option but to go with it, that's how new tech works. Entered DAOs only in the beginning of march. In case you don't know what a DAO is, it is a decentralized autonomous organization that means an organization that runs by code and no major person has the final say and instead the community has the major say. How is all this possible? Well the answer is Blockchain technology. A new technology is also = things happening that never happened in human history before! Actually I have a lot to say and donno where to start. I may derail from the track from what I am saying so please stick with me.

I got hyped about blockchain technology after watching the comments of top tech leaders on blockchain technology. I started just like most of the people, started trading crypto currency and lost money, my entry to crypto was in July 2021. Started heavily learning about everything from the Coin Bureau youtube channel and the journey of 8months led me to the gem DAOs!! 

I just lost interest in making money and wanted to follow my heart. I always wanted to serve humanity, so I setted out to start an organisation! An organisation where anyone can tell their problems and anyone can make a living for solving those problems! Ironically the organisation name is also FINE. I got this name from my Father, he is a hardworking man who just can't stop working!(farmer blood). Even though the project is still down I learned something. This is something I always knew but I think I fully understood it only when I experienced it. I was behind money making = no value. I was behind something of value to the world and all of a sudden I started earning! 

I went to ARAGON DAO to create and manage DAO as it is the go to place for everyone of DAOs, the community was really helpful specially anson parker. 

I saw a bounty there. They were looking for Hindi translators to translate their documents. I was 99% sure that I wouldn't get it, as there were many better candidates than me. Still I applied and I remember those lines " Hey! I am a student and I understand 5 languages " 

A person who goes by the Identity @Lion917 reached out to me and guided me to Bankless South Asia DAO!**

I started as a Malayalam translator there using my 4years old complaint phone Vivo Y55s. Pointing it out just to say that. We don't need a heavy setup to earn or start, it definitely helps but it would be better if we just start right away with what we have and trust me it is more than enough!

No one will judge you here. We just respect the effort and give maximum support expecting nothing in return! I had knowledge in blockchain space for the past 7months so it was not that kind of a big deal for me to trust everything. For a beginner it would be hard but the community will help you out. Beware of scams please.. There are plenty of them. Okay coming to the point. I am now working for an Internet community without knowing anyone's name and not revealing my own identity. Here skills matter more than certificates. I was getting paid in an internet currency or governance token. Hey, here is another big deal of working for DAOs. In our real life we get paid in fiat currency if we work for an organisation but here we get the share of the company i.e. governance token = you have a say or you can shape the future of the organisation you are working for!! About hierarchical structure, here we the contributors have the say. Let me get back to my experiences.

I received my first payment at the end of the month and I felt sooo proud; it was proof that all my weird thoughts(for the majority) were true. This is an untaken path for the masses for now. I then started attending the weekly meetings which were more than amazing!! There is this Awesome guy called @0xbaer who made me really comfortable there. Guided me through everything and even helped me through everything. Another thing to point out is everybody is kind here. One reason is because if we are not we will be kicked. My 1st bounty work was pathetic. I understood it only later. They carefully started pointing out everything I did right and then requested me to make some parts better. Later I started attending weekly meetings which lead me to more opportunities. Attending meetings is another great way to get involved heavily.

I then became a marketer, content creator, reviewer and even the coordinator! The growth was exponential. If I was going with the masses, I would be attending school and hating the things I should be learning etc etc but here, I was so damn interested in learning as everything was helping me right away. Actually I was getting paid for learning if we look through this angle. Reading newsletter = learning. I was learning and getting exposed to outside parties. I was getting guided In the right direction. I wanted to work full time for DAOs and started joining other DAOs and started using the same butterfly principle again. 

A guy named @enfin reached out to me and introduced peopleDAO and Language DAO! Attended some meetings and I am part of the accounting team, writer, multi Sig signer and Mod operator! I had no prior experience doing any of these!! 

The point is everything is flexible here, if you are willing to take the effort this is a golden opportunity! I am a person who lives by the lines: Never trade time for money!! I am so comfortable here as there Is meaning for the time I am spending. I am getting ownership in the community! 

There are no bad vibe hierarchies here. I have to speak about @jengajojo.eth. An amazing person, Leader of IMN. I am pretty sure he is super solid and busy! I didn't know it and was always reaching out to him for doubts and help. He was replying ASAP and helping, which doesn't make sense if we look at our traditional hierarchies. Can we just go to the MD and say: hey i don't know what to do! ? No right? I am not saying that there is no hierarchical structure here. In Fact we do and there is no escape from hierarchies in any creative domains. I just didn't know whom I should be talking to and I went to Jenga. 90% of the people you see here will be like that. That's what from my experience I understood. 

Hey! Another thing, did you know that you could get paid just for chilling?? Well there are rewards for active community members also. What that literally means is a little earning just for being active in the community. I said little just because I don't want to sound like DAOs get rich quickly. When you are an experienced person with knowledge it is easy. We need ideas about these things mainly. For example we haven't learned how exactly you are able to read this but you know how to read and benefit from this! We don't fully understand the working mechanism behind calls but we do have business calls with it. What I am trying to say is as long as you have trust in all these things and the idea, you can do anything.

Working for DAOs is like having a taste of the future! 



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