NFT Glossary

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airdrop Rewards sent to your wallet for investing in a project

alpha intel

bayc Bored Ape Yacht Club

dao Distributed organisation that runs it’s operations through Discords and smart contracts

dapp App built using Web 3 technologies e.g. LooksRare

diamond hands Investor that hodls

doxxed Identity is known. Means you know who started the project and it’s less likely they rug you

dyor Do your own research. You’ll get a lot of tips, few are sound financial advice

flip Sell shortly after buying for a quick profit

floor Lowest price for an item in a collection. It is frequently used to gauge how well a project is doing

fomo Fear of missing out. The irrational desire to get involved in a project. It’s the opposite of fud

fren Friend

fud Fear, uncertainty, doubt. This typically manifests as a bunch of people in a Discord warning of a rug

gains Profits

gas Transaction fees

gm Good morning

gn Good night

grind Being very active in the Discord server to accumulate experience points, level up and —hopefully— get on the whitelist

hodl Hold on for dear life. Don’t sell

lfg Let’s fucking go

metaverse Where we’ll live once we hit it big with NFTs

mint Committing an asset to the blockchain. It is the act of creating the NFT as ERC720 token. You either mint or you buy a previously minted NFT

mod Moderator, normally for a Discord

nfa Not financial advice

nft Get outta here

og Early to a project

paper hands Investor that sells quick for a rapid profit

pfp Profile picture. Used to refer to NFTs which can be used for your profile e.g. BAYC

raid Grab a bunch of people in a Discord and get them to jump on a Twitter post or another Discord to hype the projecte

rug or rug pull You got the rug pulled on you. The project is a rug pull if the creators cut and run after the mint

ser Sir

staking Giving up your funds temporarily for the receiver to run their business for instance. For instance, you may stoke with LooksRare to earn $LOOKs

sweep the floor Buy up the lowest priced NFTs in a collect and bring up the floor price

utility The value of an NFT after the mint. It is what being a part of the project should get you. It can be land in the metaverse or airdrops or nothing

wagmi We are gonna make it

wen When? Typically used to ask when you’re getting on the whitelist or the project will moon and you’ll get a lambo

wl Whitelist. List of the real ones who are getting to mint the presale

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