csrCanto -> CSRfi

Welcome, anon.

We have recently rebranded our protocol from ‘csrCanto’, to ‘CSRfi’. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. csrCanto was originally conceived with one main product in mind: the $csrCANTO wrapper. Since then however, we have evolved, launched new products, and are exploring even more things behind the scenes. We are no longer a 1-product-protocol, and may soon have several under our umbrella. Hence, a shift in branding was required for clarity

  2. Secondly, we believe strongly in the power and potential of Contract Secured Revenue (CSR) as a mechanism, and wish to wear our hearts on our sleeves. As mentioned above, we have launched (and will launch) more products that are centered on CSR and use it as a fundamental element of what we build.

Yields from gas fees are here to stay.

To expand on point 2, Contract Secured Revenue has interesting implications for game theory and flywheels in DeFi.

Traditional product flywheels look like this on a high level:

Users create value by using products, and receive value intrinsically or extrinsically from this usage. If the protocol has a token, then value can also optionally be shared with holders via buybacks, or direct revenue sharing which is more legally risky.

There is nothing wrong with the above, however CSR bolsters and strengthens this.

CSR creates an extra source of revenue for participants in this flywheel. This extra value comes at the expense of other network participants, who are not directly part of this ecosystem flywheel - for more on this, check out our game theory article.

Extra revenue can be allocated as the protocol desingners/DAO sees fit. It may be used for a plethora of things; such as boosted LP rewards, more value capture in the token, more treasury revenue, etc. etc.

In short, CSR was intended as a way to give developers an incentive to build public goods. However, in a competitive market.. all CSR rewards are returned to users in a race to the bottom.


Because if you have a fee-less DEX (and keep the CSR revenue), someone else can fork your DEX and return the CSR to users, incentivising them to use the fork. In an efficient market, this happens everywhere, and creates these new types of flywheels.

This is what CSRfi is. It is a new meta. We believe strongly in it, and want to pioneer building with these new flywheels.

What we have already created is a ubiquitous building block ($csrCANTO) and a building block factory (csrToken Factory) for builders to create these flyweheel more easily, without having to re-think and re-deploy their whole protocol.

This is why we are rebranding. We are CSRfi. Let’s fucking go.

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