CSRfi Contributor Program

Greetings, chads.

Today, we are rolling out a cool program to let you degens get your hands on some of our future token: $CSC

me, pondering my $CSC
me, pondering my $CSC

We have set aside 1.5% of our total token supply for these contributions. Any tokens earned will be immediately liquid upon TGE, with no vesting.

You can earn some of these rewards by:

  • Writing thread(s) that demonstrate a good understanding of the protocol and/or discuss a use case of csrTokens

  • Doing BD and connecting us with other protocols

  • Making memes

  • Creating marketing materials such as the pictures that use our branding in creative ways (the black and white photos with the yellow bars)

    • our brand colours are: black #211E28, yellow #EAC85A, white #FAFAFC

    • The more creative/funny, the better!

The amount of perceived value add will be decided by the CSRfi core team, and the amount of tokens awarded for contributions will be decided by us.

Looking forward to seeing what you chads come up with!

Stay cool.

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