The CSRfi Vision

Although we have a couple of products already live today, the vision of this protocol extends far beyond just that. This article will outline where we have come from, where we are, and where we are going to go. It will explain the CSRfi vision that drives us.

Where have we come from?

Humble beginnings. We started off as a small hackathon project for the seventh season of the Canto Online Hackathon. Completely nerdsniped by Contract Secured Revenue (CSR), we began thinking of non-intuitive ways in which this mechanism could be used. What we first decided to build was a simple ERC-20 wrapper for $CANTO, called $csrCANTO, which captured CSR and had embedded logic to redistribute this extra $CANTO to the $csrCANTO holders. So just like receiving $ETH dividends, just for holding $WETH.

Where are we now?

Our initial idea was warmly received, and we ended up hackathon winners, giving us some funding to keep building - which we did. We then built a Factory Contract. This new product allowed anyone to deploy a CSR wrapper contract for ANY token live on Canto. Just like what we did with $CANTO and $csrCANTO, we now enabled anyone to do wth any token. Fortunately, this new product won yet again at the next hackathon season. However, we have not stopped here. Our community is growing stronger and stronger, and the vibes more and more immaculate. Both the memes and the CSR are flowing.

We are building new products as well, including an app to use our contracts direct from Neobase Safe (the multisig), and a compounder product for csrTokens.

Where are we going?

We ain’t stopping here though, we are only just getting going. Our team has now expanded to six people. And we have our sights set on bigger and greater things.

Firstly, some things we believe:

  • CSR fundamentally changes a lot of economics and game theory on whichever chain it is implemented on. We won’t get into too much detail here, but essentially it lets the protocols/users that create the most value within an ecosystem recapture the value at the expense of the freeloaders. For more on this, check out this article.

  • As deploying L2s becomes easier and easier, and more and more of them emerge… Standing out from the crowd will become more difficult. Implementing CSR is one such way different execution can gain a competitive advantage and incentivize a developer ecosystem

Our future lies beyond just one ecosystem. CSRfi will exist on multiple chains, helping the respective DeFi scene harness the power of CSR. What we have already built are basically one click solutions to do so, and we are building further products on top.

Beyond just a provider of financial infrastructure however, we aim to be the social schelling point and the hub of all things CSR, and CSR-enabled DeFi.

have questions about CSR? Want to get started with it? Want an index through which you can get exposure to this mechanism and this meta?

Come home. Come to CSRfi.

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