CSRfi Galxe Program

Greetings, anon. Welcome back to the citadel.

In case this is your first time reading about CSRfi and would like to know more, check out the other articles we have published or by reading some of the highlighted posts on our X profile.

We have returned with another chance for you to get your hands on our upcoming token: $CSC. This opportunity will take the form of a Galxe campaign!

me rn
me rn

In the campaign, you will have an opportunity to earn special rewards by joining our community, spreading some CSR love, and some extra special groovy quests.

When you complete a quest, you can earn an OAT - which is a special type of NFT that Galxe issues. If you get all the OATs.. you receive an extra special CSRfi NFT! Holders of this NFT will get the airdrop.

Initially 200,000 $CSC will be reserved for winners. Depending upon participation levels and the state of the market, we have reserved up to an 2% of our token supply to augment the other tokens set aside as the rewards for this program.

Check it out! →

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