Phase 2: csrToken Factory

Hello degen.

Welcome back. We have been busy grinding away to bring you latest and greatest in CSR-token innovation (oooh, aaah).

Where there once existed csrCANTO (and it still does) there can now exist csrANYTHING.

Wait, what?

Yup. Just like how csrCANTO is a yield bearing version of CANTO, we are now bring you the ability to create a csr-version of ANY fungible token you like.

So you really like $SHITCOIN, huh? How about $csrSHITCOIN?

How how how?

Easy peasy, CSR-yield squeezy anon. All yous got to do is go to our website, put in a contract address of the token you want to CSR-ify, and press ‘Deploy’!

baddabing baddaboom
baddabing baddaboom

Boom. You can now wrap, unwrap, and claim CSR revenue for the CSR version of your favourite token.

One thing to note with this new product, is that 10% of CSR revenue generated from csrTokens will be retained and used for [redacted]. To be announced!

quik faq:

  • can I wrap or unwrap at any time? yes, with 0 fees or friction

  • can I use this for rebasing tokens: technically yes, but its not recommended because your csrTokens will not rebase

  • can I use this for an LSD? yes, absolutely… it would boost the yield!

Happy wrapping, degens.

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