Meet the Brains behind IQ v3

It’s time to meet the brains from BrainDAO who are building IQ v3. IQ v3 is an update and vision document that includes the launch of new products like IQ Code, the first AI model for smart contracts, and, the first AI-powered hub for crypto news. IQ v3 also includes updates to,, and IQ tokenomics.

BrainDAO manages the development of the IQ ecosystem employing AI engineers, a product team, content editors, management, and a growth team. BrainDAO is committed to developing the IQ ecosystem given that it's governed by IQ token stakers. The DAO also manages a treasury of over $20 million in assets.

BrainDAO is led by Galaxy Brain, Navin Vethanayagam, who worked on the launch of the IQ token in 2018 and led the launch of HiIQ,, IQ GPT, and IQ v3. Navin was quoted by CoinDesk in a piece about the launch of IQ v3 and has been interviewed by the Crypto Coin Show, Show Me The Crypto, and CryptoSlate on the IQ ecosystem. Navin’s journey in the IQ ecosystem began when he joined (formerly Everipedia) in 2016 at the age of 19 as its sixth team member while studying at the Ivey Business School.

Cesar Rodriguez, the Chief Tinkerer Officer of BrainDAO, leads all of the technical aspects of BrainDAO. Cesar’s brain is certainly big enough for BrainDAO, he has over 30 years of coding experience having started at the age of 8. Cesar led the development of,, and as well as the upcoming IQ Code. Cesar has done it all with experience in ROS, robotics, Solidity, C++, blockchain, software architecture, data mining, big data, PHP, product development, project management, A/B testing, conversion, SOLID OOP, scalability engineering and tuning, and analytics.

Andy Cho first joined BrainDAO as the company’s Director of Communications in South Korea in 2018. After several years of managing key exchange and partner relationships in Korea, he was promoted to BrainMaxi in 2022. Andy went to the University of Toronto for Law and criminology until he relocated to South Korea where he went to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies where he studied English for International communication and conferences. Andy also attends all major events based in Asia and recently spoke at Hong Kong Fintech Week & Thailand Blockchain Week in 2023.

We also have talented engineers who specialize in AI in the product team. The BrainDAO team is continuing to build on IQ Code and has introduced an open-source solution, the Runpod vLLM Worker, an open-source solution by BrainDAO for fine-tuning and training models, including smart contracts. This serverless infrastructure ensures cost savings by only charging for active server seconds. With GPU costs rising in AI, Runpod provides a cost-effective and dynamic solution for executing Python code and running large language models (LLMs).

Now it's time to meet the Content Team, which is led by Violeta Ziboroba, who manages all of and's content. They create and edit thousands of encyclopedia articles covering everything from founders like Vitalik Buterin, to NFTs like Pudgy Penguins, to complex DeFi topics like TWAMMs.

As BrainDAO’s Content Guru, Violetta oversees all of the content produced by BrainDAO, such as, the world's largest blockchain & crypto encyclopedia, and part of IQ v3’s new dapps,, an AI-powered hub for crypto news. Violetta manages a team of editors, handling onboarding and training, while also offering editorial, creative, and technical support. Violetta also writes the monthly IQ Token reports, which keep everyone updated on what BrainDAO is building for the IQ ecosystem.

In addition to the full BrainDAO team, you can also learn more about what BrainDAO is building on the new site.

About IQ

The IQ token is a cryptocurrency dedicated to building a more intelligent future through artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The IQ token powers a knowledge ecosystem including applications such as, the world's largest cryptocurrency and blockchain encyclopedia, IQ GPT, the AI-powered assistant for cryptocurrency and blockchain, and, an AI-powered social forum governed by IQ holders that summarizes crypto-related news. integrates AI for tasks including summarizing wiki articles. The token is governed by BrainDAO which also includes BrainDAO's treasury of digital assets.

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