is this a biproduct at all?

yes. definitely. because like… the definition.

an incidental or secondary product made in the manufacture or synthesis of something else.

the biproduct is my writing / rambling / art shit, and ***i ***am the something else.

that said, i don't quite know if i am going to consider it one of the project i have been working on over on my personal website. tbd i suppose.

im sitting on the corner of 5th and figueroa st in DTLA. this guy is closing down the lunch hour at this little restaurant colony under the union bank building. i thought to myself, “i should help that guy break down those umbrellas.”

but unfortunately, my next thought was, “that guy would probably tell me not to because its his job.”

to which i followed up “but thats horseshit, i should be able to help people fuck a boss being shitty and making us believe we don’t deserve help.”

so anyway by the time i got my computer out and finished writing this the dude had already broken down all of the tables, which kinda taught me a lesson lowkey:

i need to stop worrying about conventions and do what feels right.

the next time some person is doing manual labor and i am doing fuck all, i am going to help them. because pay it forward and all that shit.

unrelated, ew i just spat on my computer to try and clean off some dirt but i spat way too much and it was hella gross. ok im gonna post a pic from my perspective then probably send this shit to the internet. thanks for reading if u read it.

the union bank building in downtown loss angeles.
the union bank building in downtown loss angeles.

thats all for now i think…


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